Florence, you've been good to me.

Day two, and finally have the chance of roaming and visiting Florence. This city is a fucking BEAUT!
We roamed around, ate gelato, did some shopping, and took some photos. We obviously couldn't stop ourselves from hitting up Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Celine & Prada- needless to say we may all end up spending a pretty penny. During our walks around town we have also clarified that Olivia is indeed terrified of birds, I don't know what she'll do in Venice.
We took a interesting route home by getting a guy on a small electric buggy to take us back to our hostel. I don't think I have laughed this hard in so long... tears were coming down my eyes!
Just got home from a night filled with delicious food, we went to La Giostra, which is this cute little restaurant with the nicest staff. We were recommended some of the pasta dishes which we ended up starting with anti pasti, mixed calamari dish, 3 plates of pasta- Tortellini cheese + spinach inside with fresh baby tomatoes, Gnocchi prepared with gorgonzola, pear and pistachio, and Spezatella served with funghi porcini. To top it all off we shared a Tiramisu... I normally hate tiramisu but wow was this one ever good! I would definitely go back to this intimate restaurant.
We have literally just walked through the door from two clubs, may I say that it is 6:00 AM and the sun is rising. We started off with Space and ended up at Flo again, we met some pretty awesome people tonight, Maria and I almost throat punched a bitch, and about 30 mins ago we were stranded at the Piazza Michelangelo as the club was shut and their was no body in sight. At that point walking back would have taken us a lifetime & of course we had no taxi numbers. After realizing we had the power of 3G we found some numbers, and managed to hail a cab.
I am just about ready to pas out... we have to be up by 9:00 AM for a day of touring!

Sunday August 3rd 2014
So we woke up a lot later than planned (11:00 AM), it was kind of a rush + cluster fuck getting ready this morning. Sundays a lot of boutiques are closed so that was kind of a let down, to top it off we were hit with a horrendous downfall of rain! That put a big damper on our day, a lot less touring but we did do most yesterday and got some finished off today. We had breakfast at this cute little caffe called La Milkeria, where we had waffles drizzeled with Nutella & feshly cut fruit.
This thunder storm made us shit our pants in the streets of Florence, the amount of thunder and lightning was insane! Three dummies we are did not have an umbrella nor brought our poncho- we had to find some merchant selling random umbrellas for % euros those guys made a killing today. We thought it would hit us while we were walking, we just hated our lives being wet. After a on and off chaos of rain we finally had to get out of it... and apparently ended up stealing someones cab (whoops).
Tonight is our last night in Florence (kind of sad) but we'll be off to Venice. We are all sad to be leaving :( We'll be enjoying a nice dinner and obviously go out and party (...maybe be stranded again). I'll keep you posted on how everything else turns out.
Apparently Florence is not a hip and happening place on Sundays as only two clubs are open and we're not vibing them. On top of it all we've been getting home at the crack of dawn every night and we're having a hard time getting up in the morning... and we can't be missing our train to Venice in the morning, calling it a night isn't such a bad idea.
We went for dinner at Fuori Porta, it's a cute little restaurant outside main Florence in a little village neighbourhood. Rustic and homy, everything is made fresh in house. We ordered crostini mozzarella prosciutto con pomodori secco, Maria and Olivia had ravioli with spinach + ricotta in a smooth cheese butter sauce (which was apparently amazing), I had hamburger with fresh cut roasted potatoes + salad (the meat was pretty bland sadly).
We are now hanging out at our hostel cracking jokes and packing for the next city!