History lessons in Venice.

August 5th
Arrived in Venice, we were half asleep from the train ride over... where Olivia and I passed out pretty quickly, and poor Maria was stranded staying up alone. As we were passing the major rails from the mainland onto Venice I couldn't wrap my mind how we were floating... I picture us taking a bridge over but nope we were pretty low to the water.

Getting out of the train station was beautiful (obviously), got out and everything was picturesque but so busy! We met up with Maria's cousin, Alessandra (thank god she lives here and is comfortable with the streets of Venice, we would have been lost). Her house is so cute, pretty yellow building, with a cute terrace... oh and 65 stairs to climb up with 5 luggages. All I have to say about that is FUCK.
We finally had some time to relax and enjoy each other's company over some lunch, pesto pasta with bocconcini & tomatoes, no big deal. We pretty much started touring around Venice, taking various alleys and learning about the historical stories and myths of the beautiful city on water.
While we were walking I saw that they had these delicious looking donuts... I obviously thought about Suzy Q, I could not say no to them. Let me tell you I am very happy I ate one as they were very tasty! After a long day of walking around the streets we went home to get ready for dinner. Its really weird how we get home at a decent time yet seem to always just make it for dinner slim seconds before their kitchen closes, I don't get it! So... our iphone maps is basically useless in Venice, as it barely recognizes full address'. Alessandra wrote down brief directions to get to dinner... but thank god she is with us to show us the back roads and basically is saving our asses from getting lost every 5 seconds. I wouldn't mind walking aimlessly in the streets of Venice but I would probably lose my whole trip trying to find my way back.
We went for dinner at a pizzeria by the water, I had this delicious light mozzarella, brie and pear pizza it was phenomenal. Maria got a mozzarella cherry tomatoes & basil, and well Olivia decided to go with a seafood pizza that looked like a cluster fuck. I mean come on her pizza had eyes, and guppies- at one point Olivia was even grossed out!
We had a late night and an early morning was coming our way.
August 6th

Dark, cloudy and hard rain was falling from the sky. Our plan to be up bright in early went down the drain quick as we definitely used the excuse of the heavy rain to sleep for an extra hour or two. Although we woke up late once we were out the door we kicked ourselves in the butt.
We literally walked for hours upon end, criss crossing through the alleys, up and down the bridges and squeezing through millions of tourists. 

We saw and learnt about churches, roads, campos, and legends. We ended up making our way to St. Georgio, where there's a beautiful bell tower which you can see the whole spectrum of Venice. It is honestly breath taking. We walked through the Venice hospital (only one in the whole city), it used to be a Fine Arts School so it looks nothing like a hospital. It is stunning with beautiful exposed bricks, columns and status. The ambulances were pretty surreal as they are all in boats, and apparently if they get the call they don't do much for you in them until you reach the hospital. 

We also explored- one of the two only bridges in Venice without a railing, checked out a pharmacy with original wooden architecture, made our way to the first Jewish Ghetto- so crazy to walk through those streets and imagine what it used to be like it's amazing, and heart breaking all together. Venice has cute private and small gardens which we also peeped in and out of. Between all the walking, touring, eating gelato, we found time to add in some shopping.
Alessandra brought us to Lido for dinner, at this cool double decker food truck. Various sandwiches are served, they are pretty damn good! Upstairs is their eating area where is essentially loungy car seats.
We made our way back to Venice- sneaking through the gates back onto the water bus. The rest of our night was pretty eventful, grabbing drinks with Alessandra's friends, and on our attempt to walk home we managed to get involved with the shenanigans of two German boys. 

Mark wanted to jump off the bridge at low tide, long story short it was very loud and eventful. He ended up jumping in... by that time it was chaos of us semi freaking out by how he was going to get out. I think it's safe to say the funniest part of it all was when Mark's friend (Yannick) was trying to grab him out of the water and he was slipping in, Maria grabs hold of his legs and shes like "GUYS GRAB MY LEGS!!!". We've literally still been laughing about it.
We reattempted to stroll home... until we came across the military gates, where marble lion statues are. We obviously couldn't stop ourselves from doing a semi photoshoot- jumping on top of them, having some laughs. At the time I got on the lion the carabinieri (police) decides to pass on their boat (at that time we thought, will they stop, and us be in a whole lot of shit OR do they just stroll on by...) of course with no care in the world they strolled on by. I really don't think they saw the problem or cared that four girls were climbing the statues. Anyways it was really funny, cracking some jokes and having fun making our way home.
Another late night down, and another early morning to look forward to!

PS Olivia, Maria and I got eaten alive by mosquitos... it's awful!
August 7th
This morning we woke up on time, we had a concrete plan as it's our last day in Venice (sadly). We did so much touring and walking today I am literally dying... 
my back= dead 
my thighs= dead
my calves= dead
my ankles= dead
my feet= dead 

At this point I feel like I'm dragging my feet everywhere, I seriously cannot wait to sit back and relax and not do anything at all!
Here is a brief list of what we did today:
-Grabbed breaky at a cute coffee shop near by, delicious caffe latte + pastry
-Morano Island, where they make all the beautiful Venician glass
-Burano Island which is dedicated for all the handcrafted lace, we also did some groceries for our homemade sandwiches with delicious fresh mortadella, cheese, buns and Olives (which were a bit too salty...) & enjoyed a little picnic by the water
-We enjoyed more walking in the streets of Venice, visiting a few last minute things
-We went out for a beautiful dinner in Piazza di Mori at Osteria L'Orto Dei Mori, our dishes were all very fresh and delightful!
-Maria's cousin, Alessandra took us for drinks which we got to enjoy by the water on a dock, we obviously had another late night even though we had to be up by 6:00 am to make it to the airport. While hanging out at the dock until wee hours of the night we met a group of Australians, which were pretty damn funny. Olivia also spotted one of the guys out of the bunch who look like one of her friends in Ottawa. Finally got home at 4:00 am and had to pack for the early boat ride + flight.
Another city down, it was sad saying bye. Off we go to Naples!

PS The bugs in Venice became the death of me.. my thighs are ruined the bites are leaking, my ankle has a huge bite that has swollen it into a rock and looks like a blister. I am dying of pain! To top it off I got a horrendous sun rash on my feet.