Into the village ❤

Sorry for not being steady with my blogs, I've had everything written down but couldn't find the time to sit and properly format and post everything. So the following few posts will be a catch up of the last little while! 

August 7th
Thursday morning was brutal, getting up early was one thing but holy shit did we ever have a hard time packing our luggages. Literally nothing fit back into these and they seemed to have gained an extra few kilos (surprisingly since we hadn't purchased much). Having to leave the apartment by 6:30 am to catch the boat to the airport was another disaster as we definitely couldn't afford to miss it. Thankfully it all went smoothly! Of course the three of us sit in the boat and pass out within seconds.
Airports and travel plans seem to always bite us in the ass, why would everything go right for us though? Flying with easyjet has never been a problem for me, I actually enjoy flying with them, but the bitch at the baggage drop off counter had to make things complicated for us. So the fact that our main flight from Canada to Europe fucked up we had to have all our suitcases with us, flying with easyjet for example doesn't allow you to have free check in luggage, we had to pay. Arriving at the teller she took and passed through the add on luggage but then stated that the aircraft was full and we would need to also drop our carry ons, free of charge...only if they could pass the test of fitting into this small cubby. We looked like three dummies trying to stuff them into this tiny space, but if we didn't obviously we needed to cash out more dough. My luggage got stuck, and it's as if this lady got a kick of watching us struggle to do this. At this point I didn't care what we had to do to fit those damn bags in there but they were going to fit! We finally "proved" that they were of proper sizing so she let them on for free, the three of us were already tired and annoyed... but of course this had to happen. The flight to Naples was short and sweet, the three of us were exhausted and hungry. Trying to find our way to find the bus to Irpino was probably the most annoying hour of my life, everyone gave us different directions and information, in which we even purchased the wrong tickets. Having to pull 5 luggages in the streets, asking people where to go, being hungry, hot and already annoyed pushed us over the edge, this was the part we lost a bit of patience with one another.
Finally found the bus stop, we calmed ourselves down. What had turned into a 15 minute wait became over an hour wait, I picked up some dolci and juice for us since we hadn't eaten anything since the alcohol we had been drinking all night. But of course by the time I came back they had told us the bus would arrive in 10 minutes, we held off on the pastries... another 30 minutes pass and nothing. At this time we were fed up and cracked open the pastry box, passed around the fresh dolci.... within seconds the damn bus arrives. This whole bus situation had already given us so much stress, and their was much more to come. The side doors open for the luggages, we barely had time to put two in the driver had already tried to shut the door on us, second attempt to shove our bags in and the driver again began to shut the door but at the same time began driving- we freaked and started yelling telling him to wait. Hop on the bus, to our knowledge we had been told we could purchase tickets onboard... apparently that was not the case, he was ready and willing to kick us off. I tried to talk to him and he finally told us to purchase our tickets on the first stop... that sounded much better than getting booted. All in all afterwards things became lighter and we made it to the village.
We had an easy going afternoon and evening, hung out, lounged by the pool, dinner (vast amounts of anti pasti, pizza, and dessert pizza with Nutella) and a few drinks (by a few I mean one each since we were falling asleep standing). We had to call it a night!
August 8th
First time we got to sleep in since the trip began, Olivia and Maria are still sleeping. I had to be up earlier since I needed to go get my allergic reactions checked, I am okay and was put on medications and a cream, hopefully i'll be back to normal shortly.
We all got ready to head over to Fabio's moms place for some delicious homemade lunch- she prepared amazing tortilini with riccotta + spinach and she also added a type of bacon in the sauce (I wish I could say I tried it but I really just did not have the appetite... Maria said they were amazing!). The second course consisted of sausages and potatoes (I can now say they were delicious). We lounged around, drinking coffee eating biscotti and various flavored confetti.
A chunk of our day consisted of downloading a lot of music for the DJ at the wedding tomorrow since he made things complicated for her by screwing her over and not having 90% of the English songs she wanted. Literally took us 5 hrs to get half of the list done which was quite funny since I think by the time we hear them all at the wedding we'll be over it!
Montecalvo has a beer festival going on, we all made our way up the mountain into the forest. The three of us had a good laugh since the festival was happening in a children's playground. We had some pretty freaking good BBQ sausages with fries and ketchup in this very large panini bun. Since I don't like beer and they sadly didn't offer anything else but water I had to settle for the water- Olivia and Maria were tossing down those brewskies, it was cute to see them in a happy buzzed mood! The night started off with some Italian music, the party really started when the dj came out and everyone was having a great time dancing. And yes Olivia still pulled her typical club move in the forest (as you can see in the video). We got so wild dancing thar I broke my nail off of Maria's hand... which was a bit painful but pretty damn funny since Maria does not have a spec on her hand!
We didn't stay out too late since we all had to be up early the next day for a few things that needed to be done AKA Olivia had confession (LAWL), I had to go mend my broken nail, Maria got to sleep in (lucky bitch!)

August 10th
WEDDING DAY!! With so much preparation, pre-booking hotels, counting down the days, figuring out the naples greyhound bus system and finally getting to Montecalvo the big day arrived and words cannot explain the beauty of it. Their had been some hectic moments few days prior as any regular event would have, but everything does end up tying together and we always have each other... even during the moments we do want to kill one another.
I honestly don't even know how to explain the wedding, the church was small and quaint in Fabs hometown, Laura was such a beautiful bride and her dress was minimal & elegant. After the wedding ceremony outside the church they set up a beautiful little trolly serving snacks and apperitivos (genius idea really...). Everything was well organized and their was a greyhound to accompany all the out of town guests from location to location. We made our way to the venue, once walking in it was breathtaking, the decoration, placement, weather, colors, everything came together beautifully. The amount of food that was served from the beginning to end could literally feed a town! Everything was so delicious, various assortments of fish, meats, pasta, cheeses, sweets, you name it they had it!
I can't even explain it all... the set up was stunning, we moved from outdoors to indoors, we did a lot of activities during the reception, the food arrangements and of course the cake. I can really just explain to you through the photos I took... it was just unbelievable!
Best wedding I have ever been to.
August 11th
The day after the wedding we were all pretty exhausted from partying so damn hard... I literally kept drinking the night before and was okay but oh man did I ever drink too much! Anyways, close family and friends all got together for a nice lunch (extremely long lunch since again their was so much food). The villa was so chic, yellow painted with stunning details, we had the aperitif in the cellar and the main courses were in one of the dinning rooms- again food was just unbelievable... back to back pasta, and more back to back food. It was very cute to all be together and enjoy a intimate meal together.
After the lunch we went back to Montecalvo, relaxed and basically had to reorganize our baggages for our early flight the next morning... by early I mean we needed to leave the apartment by 5:30 AM at the latest. We all ended up heading to another local festival, this one was for lamb. It was casual, chilled and had a few drinks- 2:00 AM rolled in and none of us were ready to leave, we headed back to Montecalvo and went to a small local bar. We all drank and hung around until the crack of dawn... I literally slept for 15 minutes before having to get up and leave to catch our train.