Little bits of info

I have been trying to finish up my trip updates, but I feel like theirs still so much I have written out that it would take me a while longer to finish... and now I'm kind of over posting them. Long story short I had a wonderful time & experience- as much as I have been to Italy visiting cities I've never been to made me appreciate the whole so much more. I had the opportunity of meeting some pretty amazing people! I definitely did not want to come home and could have kept traveling. I will try to post all the photos on Facebook since it would be tough to do on here. This trip also opened my eyes to various things including life + career choices which I am grateful for... I will be making some changes in the future but won't spill the beans fully right now.

I have officially been back for a week and a bit, does feel weird but things go back to normal pretty quickly, one of the newest things happening in my life is that last minute before my trip I applied and got accepted into school- so off I go again! I am taking Event Management which I think will be a nice add on to my diploma and classes I have already done in my program. Part of me is excited to go back to school (since I've been pretty bored), another part of me is dreading it, and a part of me is kind of rethinking going back (mostly for saving dolla dolla bills for what I am planning to do next June-July) but I will try and manage to figure it all out.

I do have a somewhat outline of goals I have for the next few months all the way to approximatively a year from now. I will have to familiarize myself with budgeting (I am awful at it), I need to learn to cut back on shopping (which I am also awful at...), and lastly I can't allow myself to constantly be in Montreal on the weekends but actually work. I think if I stick to a plan and think about future plans I will somewhat manage to save.

I'll keep y'all posted, hope all has been well. Enjoy the last little while of summer (I'm getting excited for fall!).

PS this whole no shopping business... will have to start tomorrow... I went shopping today. #sorrynotsorry (but seriously I need to slap myself in the ass to save save save- it'll be the death of me).