Planes, trains & automobiles.

Day one aka the departure should have been smooth sailing, but no we had a nerve wrecking evening. Words can't explain how much chaos this all was, we arrived at the airport at 5:15 pm, made it through check in, security and were lounging at our gate, not to mention in full 'we are going to Italy mode'. We had been waiting a good hour and half at this point, no one was communicating anything with us, and the gate still seemed very empty. 

Long story short, our flights had been completely changed- we now had to start over by getting a ticket reissued at the departure desk. May I add this ticketing took 2 and a half hours of confusion, anger, and anxiety...the cherry on top of this is the major screw over as we now will be missing our train from Rome to Florence (more money to spend, yay!) and we have lost a day in Italy (which Air Canada will now be extending an extra day for us). Anyways, we spent a excessive amount in the airport reissuing our tickets.

Current stats- I just ate dinner on the plane, watched Cinderella Story, Olivia is passed out beside me (no surprise), and Maria is trying to fall asleep but is now popping in a new movie to watch. I should try to get some shut eye, but lets be real that probably is not likely.

Next flight; London to Rome, fingers crossed it all goes well!
Arrived in London, Maria's first time landing overseas. I wish we had the time to add London to our excursion, but we definitely enjoyed some duty free shopping... I think we've settled we'll all be shopping for sunglasses on our trip. After hours upon hours of waiting in Ottawa for a new flight, 6 hour & 20 mins flight to London, we then find out that our flight to Rome is delayed by an hour- of course why wouldn't it be! All I am thinking... 'I sure hope we find our baggages on the carousel in Rome'. 

Fingers crossed!

We are now finally on British Airways making our way to Rome...where we will need to deal with our train dilemma to Florence. I can only image the confusion we're about to face... all I'm saying is those fuckers better trade in our ticket we had already purchased to be valid for our new rerouting issue.

Arrived in Florence safe and sound... downfall we did have to repay for a new train ticket but Air canada will be hearing a ear full from me!
It is now 11:27 pm and we are just getting ready for dinner and a night out on the town! Stay tuned for our Florence adventures.

Night one was a success at Flo, more to come... it's 4:30 am and I am ready for bed!