Game Plan.

I will keep this post short and sweet. 
School approached very quick (had my first day Tuesday), I still don't know wether I am excited or very indifferent but I need to keep thinking it's an extra thing added onto my diploma & more knowledge to put towards the career path I am wanting to take once I am done school. I have recently been jotting down a few goals and things I need to budget for my move after school (yay!)- here are a some things. 

  1. Pay off Mastercard + Visa (ASAP- like this debt needs to be gone) goal: by February 2015
  2. Work work work (anytime I am not in school) 
  3. Hit up the gym (since I purchased a membership) 
  4. Set money aside from whatever isn't being put towards paying things off
  5. Settle down on the shopping (probably the hardest thing of life...) 
  6. Cut back on Montreal weekends 
  7. Begin looking + applying for jobs from January-March 
  8. Save more money 
  9. Move June-July 2015 (BYE!)

I think it's all doable, the fact that I'm going back to school does make the money making part a little bit more of a challenge since I wont be working as much as I can... but it is manageable! i just need to stop finding excuses to buy new clothing...

Tshirt- Ramones, Silk shorts- Aritzia, Long cardi- Zara, 
Sandals- Zara, Purse- Louis Vuitton, Sunglasses- Celine

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