Mix + Match

I have recently been reading several articles about jeans, and must have fall pieces in our wardrobes. I have never been a huge jeans person until about a year or so ago- I recall only wearing trousers or black "denim ish" pants, skirts; everything but regular jeans. If I did ever take out the odd jeans it was a really bizarre thing- it has been about a year or two that I have begun to adore, yes, adore jeans, I honestly feel like you can never have enough since theirs so many styles, cuts, washes the possibilities and looks are endless. Plus we can always dress up or dress down some nice jeans- they're classic! 

So I am the type of person who doesn't have one specific style (at least I don't think so), I personally like to change up what I wear depending on my mood, what I am into, what has been inspiring me, but of course which ever style you decide to dress yourself with key items in your wardrobe will always come in handy! Here are a few looks from my passed week and this week so far, they are all pretty different but you can always mix and match the staple pieces or basics and use them to express yourself differently. 

Sunglasses- Gucci, Crop white dress shirt- Zara, Cropped tank- Aritzia,
Floral trousers- Topshop, Boots- Zara

 Scarf- Zara, Leather jacket- Restored vintage  (no brand), 
Pants- J Brand, Marijuana socks- HUFF, Boots- Dr. Martens,
Leather backpack- Marino Orlandi
Little fun fact: My Marino Orlandi backpack (found at a consignment store on sale) cost me a whole $23- 100% leather and made in Italy.

Sweater- Topshop, Layered collar shirt- Forever 21,
Banana skirt- Topshop, Pliage bag- Longchamp,
Slip ons- gifted

Oversized trench- H&M, Multi colored shirt- Zara,
Ripped jeans- J Brand, Pliage bag- Longchamp, 
Booties- Aldo (online)

Must have pieces:

White button up
                       Joe Fresh- $39                                                         BDG- $49

Leather moto jacket
ASOS- $148.76

Black moto jeans
J Brand- $313.70

Dr. Martens 
Dr Martens- $174.99

Black pullover sweater
Revolve- $100

Longchamp pliage bag
Longchamp- $115

Slip-on sneakers
Vans- $60

Oversized trench
Zara- $99.90

Distressed jeans
Zara- $59.90