Celebrating African Prints

I have been meaning to post something since Sunday Oct 5th, and then work got in the way, school homework and meetings got in the way, and then my week turned into a nightmare... I got food poisoning and was ill for 2 days, and the cherry on top I spilt tea on part of my keyboard and it has ceased to work. I've got quite a few things to catch up on, and my now lack of computer situation is making all of this a little more complicated! Since my computer and all my photos are currently in the hands of the Genius Bar- well my posts are still on hold until then and they will be flowing one after another to get me back up to date.

Took this one from Laura's blog!
October 4th- Safara Fashion Show

I found this event while I was intensely browsing through the 'Events' posting on Facebook, I instantly got excited and wanted to have the chance to see it up close and personal- of course for my own personal desire but also so I could blog about it and mention that Ottawa did have something cool and out of the ordinary! Of course I immediately linked the Facebook page to Laura, who is a big fan of African print, she was obviously sold. 

The show was called The Safara Fashion Show which was meant to showcase and celebrate the beautiful African patterns- this goal was given to all the designers and I must say they all delivered it in their own unique way! The event was held at Ottawa University in the Tabaret Hall, I had never been but it was a beautiful location with high ceilings and artistically sculpted details. Of course every event will have flaws, but the idea is to not show any to your guests or audience- Laura and I were part of media, they did not have any form of tool to identify us as media, most people also had no idea of the details for the VIP cocktail hour. The cocktail hour was not social or warming at all, everyone dispersed into their own area and sat down, and again no direction was given as to where VIP's were to be seated or when we should make our way to the main hall. After complications with seating we finally sat down and enjoyed the show. This was their first Safara Show, and I am sure they have learnt a lot during their process of the creation of the event and the actual evening. 

The show started by a stunning and talented African dance group, the music was very energetic, one of the woman incorporated the blowing of a whistle & also had bells as anklets. Designer Elie Kuama  from Paris opened the show with his gorgeous and phonemically pieces- I couldn't take my eyes and mind off them! 

The show continued with many other talented designers from Ottawa, Montreal and various other locations- which was absolutely amazing to see that they all came together for the same reason. Gwen Madiba (designer + event organizer) gave a speech relating to celebrate cultures together and also introduced a winning design for a contest that was held. 

Although their were a few hick ups along the way, it was a great show! 

Laura and I also got to meet some of the designers, including Elie Kuama (which was really exciting!). 

I'm not going to lie I had thought about my outfit all week and could not put my finger on it... the night of, I kind of picked out stuff that was neutral and just threw a little something together. I would definitely say their is some Wednesday Adams inspo.

Pleather dress- UNIF, White shirt (layered)- American Apparel,
Rain Coat- Topshop, Heels- Jeffrey Campbelle,
Purse- It's a brand I don't like... (try to guess!)

PS For those who don't know, 
(obviously I am super excited)