Last night I attended 613 Night Market at the Convention Centre, my friend Rosie and I got our tickets over a month ago and we had been looking forward to a night of various food tastings! We ended up going a little later, and my mom decided to join as well... I honestly didn't think it was going to be as busy as it was. When we first arrived to the top floor, with dimmed blue lights and large crowds of people, I thought to myself "Wow Ottawa stepping it up!".

The main "market" area started with various retailers, along the back it offered different types of food vendors and also had a DJ playing throughout the evening. I don't typically get too overwhelmed with things but it definitely did hit me a bit, it was very hard to find and decide what you wanted to eat, and it turned out to be very difficult to see what each place offered. 

Now this is the part I have mixed feelings on, since Rosie & I pre-bought our tickets we paid like $7, my mom purchased hers at the door for $10. On the Facebook event page it stated that food would be between $1-$5 (which is decently reasonable)... being at the event I saw nothing for $1, and most things were indeed $5. Again this is reasonable but when you are trying 2-3 places and each item is $5 it adds up... primarily in my eyes the quantity of some were surely not worth the $5. I do understand that each of them need to make a profit after spending a lager chunk on renting the small space they are using, but I am just saying I didn't see many $1-$3 dishes. On top of that I paid $4 for a glass of pineapple juice... I can buy a lot of pineapple juice for $4, just saying. 

Ottawa Food Truck
(one of the few places in Ottawa 
that makes their smoked meat!)
(This place got a lot of hype, the line up 
was HUGE, yet I was a little disappointed.)

I am missing a few photos of some other things I tried but check them out anyways:
LADS Catering- very good!
Novela Sweet Shoppe- I love love love macaroons, and for Ottawa these were pretty good! (they are also available via Etsy which is pretty cool)

I also discovered a beautiful jewellery line called Karatoya Jewellery, bought a gorgeous bracelet. They are available at some retailers in Toronto and through Etsy! 

Toronto Bound. 
On the topic of food, I will move on to my lovely evening and delicious meal! I have arrived in Toronto, a little exhausted but definitely not enough to pass on a evening of trying something new. I went to this small industrial-like restaurant called Come and Get It!, everyone was super friendly and the food was on par. They have a unique way of presenting their dishes, you chose what you want from the menu and the format- I had the Chipotle Short Rib, as a Poutine. For dessert I had homemade Oreo's YUM! If you're in Toronto you best check them out!


  1. Honestly the smoked meat made it all worth it for me tbh. We need to check out Churchill's for reals when you're back!

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    2. Don't gotta ask me twice!
      It's a date.


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