homework, packing, homework, packing (repeat)

Luckily this week was shorter due to the Thanksgiving long weekend... but somehow it was still a bitch. Glad that Thursday's are my Friday's making my week even shorter (kinda)! This passed while I have been feeling exhausted, I have so much to do, so many to do lists and it seems like nothing is getting done. More and more keeps getting piled! 

I have finally sorted out all my outfits for the shows at Toronto Fashion Week, with the trusty help of Rosie! I never pack light, and this time around it's kind of nice to be able to overpack in someways. Gone for one week, will be needing 6 outfits for all evening shows, 1 outfit for Media + Press brunch, 1 extra outfit incase I change my mind, and 6 outfits for casual Toronto days. I officially leave tomorrow, but my suitcase is not yet fully closed and ready to go- hopefully by tonight...

Here are some of my favourite pieces that I will be incorporating in an outfit for Fashion Week! 
 Vintage Crocodile Purse 
 Tartan Shawl
 Topman Bart Tee
 Barbie Varsity Jacket
 Altazarra for Target Faux Fur
Kate Spade Saturday Wool Coat 

Since moving back to my parents place it's been tough to figure out how to organize my clothes and shoes. In my apartment I had all the space, here closets are taken so I needed to make room. My clothing are split between 2 closets, my shoes are in my room as well as two other closets and my coats are in 3 closets. Targeting down all my my items for this challenge was a challenge within itself! 

Blazers- 16
Purses - 38
Shoes - 105

Bought this blazer at Goodwill, got 
it because it reminded me of Clueless. 
Truth be told I have never worn it... 
 Kenzo and Louis Vuitton are two of my 
favourite designers, I have several go to bags 
but these are always my first options!
 Another reason why I love my Kenzo bag- 
it has no proof of being a higher priced bag, 
it only has a small 'KENZO' stamping.
I have more than a handful of favourite shoes
Jeffrey Campbell Heels- go to and comfortable 
(always wear them when I go out)
Adidas Leopard- Recently got them, I definitely 
want to wear them more
Pointed slip ons- easy to wear with anything