Toronto: Day 2

Day 2 was unbelievable! Twas a much longer day as the first show started at 3:00 PM, but but it went by with the blink of an eye. I did skip out on three of the shows today to catch a proper dinner, but still got to see my favourites of the day, including the Minnie Mouse Presentation. Since my photos with my DSLR did not seem to work out I decided not to bring it and let me tell you my iPhone did a much better job on snapping runway photos than my apparent higher quality camera did.

I met such amazing people today, bloggers, upcoming magazines, other stylists & the list goes on! I spent most of the day with a lovely lady I met, she is the blogger for The Weekenders, she's fantastic!

Elan + Castor launched our second day of Fashion Week, I had definitely been looking forward to this collection. The show was in the Studio space, which I think suited the whole very nicely. The fabrics were silks, chiffons, light knits and some leather- I am such a sucker for silks and light knits so most pieces were calling my name! Viewing the collection did of course reach my thoughts in terms of each look and style, but I did find that some of the pieces seemed unfinished. 

Narces, breathtaking collection, I could not get enough! Designer Nikki Wirthensohn creates these beautiful girly, romantic and glamorous pieces, inspired by eras from 1940's to 1960's. The detailing in some of the dresses are amazing, and I could not get my eyes off of some of the silhouettes- fit to flare done with perfection! 
Minnie Mouse Presentation- I loved being surrounded my all things Minnie! The six Mercedes-Benz Start Up designers were asked to create a piece that was inspired by Minnie Mouse, some of the pieces were very creative and some were more "traditional" Minnie. My favourite was the design of ValĂ©rie Tolila, designer of Vaiken, her design was very mod, using polyvinyl plastic, circular shapes, and rhinestones. Sam and Cailli Beckerman along the side of Minnie Mouse announced the winner for the #Minniestyle competition- Sid Neigum was crown with Mickey ears!

Target was the last show of the night, which was anticipated by many (the venue was packed!). Of course they put on a great show, feels like a party or a full on event more than anything, vibrant colours, videos, music (accordion + violinist), spunky runway models and a large confetti explosion! Great way to end Day 2!