Toronto: Day 5

Last day of shows was a sad, sad day for everyone!
Here is a little recap from Friday, I went to my favourite shows, and got to see all the amazing people I met one last time.

Brit Wacher I loved the dark colour palette used, architecture, modern look, and really enjoyed how the collection was presented. Great way to start the day!

Mikhael Kale his SS15 collection was unbelievable. I had never heard of him before, I had done some minor designer research online but I did not fall in love with his designs until I saw the incredible pieces walking up and down each runway row. The structure of the garments were beautifully done, cut outs were sexy yet classy, loved the use of plastic vinyl, and the somewhat futuristic vibe. I am looking forward to seeing these garments be available and I have definitely become a fan of his! 

Thank you Toronto, it's been a slice! 
Outfits of the week coming soon!