Holiday Dressin'

The holiday season is no longer around the corner, seems like we can safely say we are in full force vacation, party, and gift wrapping mode! My family and I finally decided to not be a bunch of Grinches (thanks to me), we actually put up a tree and decorated it... and after 12 years we have taken out Christmas stocking- I think we have taken our spirit to a whole new level!

With Christmas only four days away it's the time of year we struggle to find the perfect party outfits to suit every occasion and type. I'm not one for repeating outfits, but I believe reusing key items, and dressing up something that can also be worn casually are great little tricks into making all your clothes useful in your closet. I for one have a lot of clothing, styles from one end to another, prices ranging from one extreme to the other and purchased from just about everywhere + anywhere! I love coming up with various outfit ideas but I always get stumped when I over think... even after putting all these and more together I will still more than likely not know what to wear for any of my parties! 

My Holiday Lookbook

Christmas Parties
Theirs a few things I love about this outfit, for one I am all about 
light colours in the winter and sporting them during the holidays. I find
they stick out very nicely with all the rich coloured decorations. 
I recently bought this peplum top, words cannot explain how much
I adore it! These pants were also a fantastic find, and so versatile.
Necklace- Aldo Accessories, Peplum & Trousers- H&M, 
'Take Out' Purse- Kate Spade, Studded Heels- Zara
I am a big fan of this skirt, this piece is one that I have used several
times in many different ways! 
Sequin Top- H&M, Skirt- Lord & Taylor, 
Clutch & Sequin Heels- Zara, Statement Earrings- Simons
Lipstick- Maybelline 675 Faint For Fuchsia
A few of my favourite pieces are in this outfit, I wear this beautiful
floral embellished peplum quite often, and although I have not had the
opportunity to wear these houndstooth trousers, but I simply adore them! 
Both can be worn casually, yet fantastic for the holiday season!
Peplum- Pink Tartan, Trousers- Topshop, 
Heels- Vintage Ferragamo, Union Jack Clutch- Aldo Accessories,
Earrings- Jeweller in Florence
Lipstick- Portland Black Lipstick Company Difficult Island
I mostly love this because it reminds me of Hugh Hefner's
Smoking Jacket. 
Velvet Blazer- Altuzarra for Target, Tank- Zara, 
Trousers- H&M, Layered Pearls- Gifted, 
Loafers- Prada, Bag- Louis Vuitton
Lipstick- Mac Cosmetics Honey Love

New Years Parties
Every piece in this outfit I have worn separately for various occasions.
My sequin bag is my go to, I got it for Christmas four years ago
and still adore it! It's the purse I use for any evening night out. 
Daisy Sequin Top- Missguided, 
Pleather Shorts + Thigh Highs- Zara, 
Sequin Purse- Kate Spade 
Lipstick- Mac Cosmetics Honey Love

I bought this dress for $6.99, it became one of my favourite evening dresses...
I have not yet had the occasion to wear it but it would be fabulous for
a classy New Year's Eve night out! 
Velvet + Glitter Dress- Goodwill, Purse- Nine West,
Peep Toe Heels- Forever 21
Lipstick- Urban Decay F-Bomb
This playsuit was my favourite when I first bought it a 
good 4 years ago... I then completely hated it and
neglected it. I randomly pulled it out
yesterday and thought it would be great to 
redress it and bring it out of the closet for the holidays!
Playsuit- H&M, Belt- Moschino,
Leather Backpack- Marino Orlandi,
Platform Heels- Burberry Prorsum
Lipstick- Urban Decay F-Bomb
Thank you to Rosie from SecondHand Rose for snapping all these photos!

I want to wish you all a safe and lovely holidays! 
I hope you all dig through your closets and find treasures to bring back to life
for this years holiday season!