I am officially zipping up my luggage, picked up a box of Suzy Q donuts, new magazine & a book in hand, and a whole lot of music on my iPhone! Words cannot explain how much I miss Vancouver, my friends, the food, and my everyday life. I will be teased, and leave 13 days later with a bitter sweet feeling.

I am normally a very, very, very, advanced packer not to mention the amount of lists that I make is unreal- I am proud to say that this time I packed Monday-Tuesday and did not make a single list!
I also believe this time I am sort of  under packed... but still this very moment I am concerned I don't have enough clothes for the next two weeks. Anyways I wanted to share with you some of my favourite pieces in my suitcase, and items that I adore so much I cannot travel without them!

Faux Shearling Coar- Forever 21
I recently purchased this guy for $39.99, I had been searching high & low
for one so I was happy when I finally found one!
 Wool Vest- Zara
I am obsessed with this piece, I haven't worn in much on it's own besides over
a thicker knit but I typically pair it with my leather motto.
 Bart Tee- Topman
I don't wear this too often, I like to pair it with skirts.
 Textured Box Tee- Topshop
This piece is honestly just so versatile, I love it!
Button up- Frank & Oak
This is a men's 'M', it fits smaller than that but just perfect for a 
oversized look. I wear this button up a lot more than I thought I would!
 Anklet Heels- Zara
Gosh these are so great, easy to dress up and down!
 Black Ribbed Crop- Zara
This is by far my favourite top, I wear it with just about everything!
 Plaid Skirt with Slit
I adore this skirt!
 Two Piece Pj Set- Victoria Secret
I purchased this set before heading off to Italy in the summer, I still love it
and it's so cozy. Since I don't generally like sleeping naked in hotels this is great for me!
 Belt- Moschino
Great to pair with anything, from jeans to dresses!
 Latex Skirt- Missguided
I have never worn this skirt, but I purchased it a little over a year ago...
it is a little big for me but I think I can make it work.
 Pleather Peplum- Zara
I got this top last year, and I wanted to get rid of it... I still haven't worn it
but I have decided it's a good piece to have and I should try to style it.
 Asymmetric Skirt- Zara
I wanted this skirt when Zara first brought it in stores, I am so glad I didn't impulsively buy it
like I normally would... Got it for $15.99! 
Stud Loafers- Zara
I haven't been able to wear these due to the snow here in Ottawa,
so I will be taking advantage of them in Vancouver. 


  1. UH THAT PLAID SKIRT IS EVERYTHING! Hope you have fun babes, I don't know what I'm going to do without you for 13 days but I hope you have to most amazing time back at home and I can't wait to hear stories when you get back. (IF you get on the plane to come back, that is hahaa)

    1. haha thanks babes!!! I don't want to come back it'll be hard, but I will have to, to get all my stuff haha


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