Suzy Q Fills My ♥

Hello hello everyone! Finally been working on getting some photo's done and together for my next upcoming blog posts, yay!

Ottawa has been going through period's of tremendously cold days and evenings, I'm talking -30 to -38ºC... it's been nuts. I am over this! I constantly complain about the cold, I have never enjoyed it but then again I am also the worst person in terms of dressing attire since I do not dress appropriate for Ottawa Winter weather!

Rosie, Lisa & I hung out together and finally took Lisa for her first Suzy Q donut! If you know me, you are well aware that I have an obsession with donuts- let alone Suzy Q, I can never say no!

In all seriousness, I would say Suzy Q is definitely one of the keys to my heart! I have discovered a new favourite called the Banana Dolce, words can't explain the great flavour palette it offers. If any of you loved the banana medication we all took as a child you will adore and feel a sense of nostalgia taking a bite out of one of these badboys. I am excited for all my favorites to be brought back in the Spring & Summer.
Sunglasses- Gucci, Scarf & Top- Wilfred, Coat- Kate Spade SATURDAY, 
Ripped Jeans- J Brand, Boots- Zara, Handbag- Mc.Q, 
iPhone Case- Moschino
How good do these look? Rosie got the Coconut Lime