Happy birthday to me!!! (well March 22nd)
This year has not felt like the month of March, nor did it feel remotely like my birthday. I'm not sure if it's because of how busy I had been the weeks prior (with my event and all), or if my care and desire to think/ celebrate my birthday was long gone this year.

I really didn't want to make any elaborate plans, or a fuss about a huge celebration. I enjoyed the various dinners I had with my family, and close friends. I finally got to try 10fourteen, this nifty little tapas spot on Wellington Street, we literally order 95% of the menu! The next day my good friend Olivia and I had a one on one date, we went to one of my favorite Ottawa restaurants, The Albion Rooms. I just loved all the delicious food that was consumed for three days straight! #sorrynotsorry 

I technically had three outfits for my birthday, but I will share my favorite one which was worn on the Saturday, March 21st. My 'birthday suit' was actually inspired by Kylie Jenner- if you know me at all you are probably well aware that I am obsessed with her! I had no idea what I felt like wearing, nothing I wanted to wear was what I envisioned, it just wasn't working for me. I then thought of a recent outfit she wore, and how classic it was, and all black of course- took me a bit to re-find the image but I managed to have very similar items in my closet! And yes I had the American Apparel mesh bodysuit.
Bodysuit - American Apparel, Bra - Victoria Secret, 
Trousers - H&M, Blazer Coat & Suede Booties- Zara,
Handbag - McQ, Watch - Michael Kors

Photo's are taken by this babe, Rosie Waugh

I am also so excited to finally share that a few friends and myself are heading to Bonnaroo, this time around we are volunteering! Of course we are making a full road trip out of it, I cannot hold my excitement. More information will be released on my next post shortly!