April is approaching, Spring has begun... yet Ottawa is still bloody cold, and we still have snow on the ground. Yes, that's right, I said snow! We've been getting the most sporadic weather lately, one day it's mild, the next we have freezing rain, then warm, then back into the negatives- you just can't keep up.

I leave you with this little outfit, I think it's one of my favourites as of late. The floral top has had a bit of a love, hate with me since I have purchased it. It was such a good find at Winners, on clearance to top it all off... I adored it. I kept thinking I would wear the crap out of it, but every time I attempted to think of an outfit to pair it with, I just wasn't satisfied... I then cleaned my closet out (2 garbage bags), this floral top had made into the bags. I brought it in for consignment, and kept thinking about that top. I took it back, now here it is! Clearly I missed it. 

 Floral Top - Style Unlimited, Leather Jacket - Reused Leather,
Faux Suede Skirt - H&M, Handbag - Coach,
Boots - Gucci, Sunglasses - Celine 
I am finally wearing different sunglasses, other than my Gucci's. 
These aren't a huge drastic change but it's not my typical ones! 

I suppose this is also the perfect opportunity to slightly rant, and touch base on Coach. This has been a huge dilemma...I am making it sound much more dramatic, but the fact is I have never been a fan of Coach. In my opinion the bags are tacky, generic, out dated, the list goes on. As some of you may have seen in my bag collection that I do indeed have two Coach bags, two of which are not prominent Coach looking- both purchases were very long and thought out process. My main question was always "Do I really want Coach?" or "Am I really getting a Coach bag?"

Now, here is my dilemma, my friend has stumbled on a photo of their new collection, and we both instantly died. We fell in love, in love with a brand that the both of us could not bare, a brand that was not up our alley, a brand that needed a face lift and got one. Thank you to their new creative director Stuart Vevers, Coach is finally being rebranded, and damn does it ever look good. So good that they have more than definitely gained a new customer, or two including my friend! The dying, boring and basic B brand is now so much more. AMEN.

Photos have been taken by Rosie Waugh

Check on the collection on their website; Coach
These are some of my favourite items, which is part of their SS 2015 Collection. Don't even get me started on the FW 2015 Collection. To die for.