This summer is looking up so far- I will be finishing my Event Management program at the end of April. YAY!! This honestly cannot come any sooner! I am hoping to spend a few days in New York City after my exams. (fingers crossed) As awesome all of this is, I am thrilled for what's to come in June...

Myself and three friends will be diving into a two week road trip adventure; a week or so ago we had sent off our applications to volunteer at Bonnaroo (click the link to know more it's amazing!). We are officially volunteering at the music festival, so we decided to add some stops along the way! There are a few major cities we have pin pointed along the way to Manchester, TN & a few more along the way back to Canada.

I will definitely be making some other posts until our departure day June 7th, regarding what I am packing, sites we will be visiting along the way and much more! I will also be updating the blog while we are on our excursion.

Here is a little sneak peak of what our map is looking like

Stay tuned for more posting!