Ottawa has not yet ceased to snow or stopped produce drastically cold temperatures, at least the sun is shinning which probably give us a bit of a motive to go out and do stuff with our lives.

I have been so busy this last little bit, as some of you may know I decided to go back to school, my team & I are hosting a vintage carnival event next week so it has been non stop work and little sleep! But Rosie & I managed to squeeze in some coffee time at Ministry of Coffee on Elgin Street. If you haven't been you should definitely check it out!

This classic camel coat was probably one of my greatest finds, I was actually out shopping for some specific props for my event at Goodwill, my friend was trying on some vintage dresses and low and behold this beauty was in front of me. It looked a little run down, dirty and tired but this had been the style I was searching for. Of course I bought it, for $7.52 may I add, brought it to the cleaners and it came back to life! I go through my moods of thrifting, but when I find great pieces like this I should really think to do it more. I paired my camel coat with a matching color skirt, which I bought from Zara for $14.99- I really love the matching color palette.

In these photo's I attempted to take off my coat, since I am sick and tired of always taking photos with hundreds of layers, -25ÂșC and told myself I didn't feel an ounce of cold! As mentioned in my bag video Bag Lady Prt 2. I had been searching for a unique Cartier piece, I am so glad it isn't a piece of jewelry and something that we do not see as often! I love this bag, and purchased it for a really great bargain.
 Camel Coat - Goodwill, Scarf - American Apparel,
Top - Necessary, Skirt & Boots - Zara,
Bucket Bag - Cartier, Sunglasses - Gucci
You are all probably getting sick and tired of being these damn Gucci sunglasses,
I am too can't deny that, but they look so good with everything.
 I really need to start wearing some of my other sunglasses!

Photos by Rosie Waugh