V is for Vancouver

I have been back in Ottawa for almost a week now, and really wish I didn't get on the plane back from Vancouver. I really miss it, and all the people I love that are over there! While being there it felt as if I had never really left, just had gone on a long trip and came back home- but alas that wasn't the case.

Since I have already dedicated a post to the food I consumed, here are just a few more photos of being home, people I love, things I did and so on!

While I was away, you may have noticed that I changed my hair up (only a little!). I love it, Nessa (she works at Barbarella by the way) added some pastel lavender in there a swoosh as I have been calling it! It does the weirdest thing though, it changes within every light... so when people say they like my hair I really never know what it is they are actually seeing. 

Going back to Van honestly just made me miss it so much more than I already do, and I am anticipating to get back. I am giving myself a huge kick in the butt to save money, pay off my debt, find work (do any of you know of someone hiring?!) and drive back to Vancouver!