This look was something I threw together, all black, casual, with a statement necklace. My favourite leather moto is always a go-to, although I am beginning to notice how many holes the leather has and I believe it needs a face lift. It's repair time or nothing, I cannot part with this jacket. 

I am wearing a Misfits tee, growing up along with various other bands they were definitely over played in my house hold & may have damaged part of my ear drums. I have also always loved their merchandise and infamous skull logo. This t-shirt was a surprisingly good find at H&M- I was pretty shocked when I noticed it on the rack. There is a bit of a back story as to why I could not pass on purchasing a Misfits tee at the age of twenty four. 

When I was fifteen I had purchased the perfect Misfits t-shirt, it was so legendary and cool in my books. The tee was black, with two skull hands on the boobs (which also glowed in the dark), and in the back at the top of the neck it said "Misfits", thinking this t-shirt couldn't get any cooler it was cropped! MY FAVOURITE! 

Years later, moving from Ottawa to Montreal my clothing had been mixed in bags, suitcases of what to bring, what to keep, what to store and so on... This particular shirt was placed in a keepsake pile (knowing me I would want to wear it again), one day I called my mom and asked her to retrieve my cool Misfits tee. Well long story short, she had given it away, my cool, legendary, Misfit tee and fifteen year old heart died a little that day. I kept searching high and low for another one just like it, the fabric, the print, potential crop- but till this day nothing. 

So I now hold this Misfits t-shirt very close to my heart. 
Leather Moto - Vintage Reused Leather, 
Misfits Tee & Statement Necklace- H&M,
Ripped Jeans - Zara TRF, Heels with Studded Anklet - Zara,
Handbag - McQ, Sunglasses - Gucci

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