The weekend has officially come to an end, I could still use the extra day or two to actually relax and do nothing. It's really all so boring when everything is closed, I felt like my days were long, I felt overly tired and lazy from not being out and about doing something... knowing everything was closed I wanted to go to the mall a whole lot more.

On Friday the sun was shinning, and it was finally warm enough to layer down a little. We haven't been having the best of luck with weather, the snow is slowly starting to melt, but we are still in the negatives for the most part and randomly get freezing rain- WTF! Anyways, I was definitely excited about the slight change of weather so I pulled out my favorite denim jacket!
Skull Scarf - Alexander McQueen, Distressed Denim Jacket - UNIF,
White Tee - American Apparel (DIY holes), Jeans - Cheap Monday (DIY rips), 
Boots - H&M Studio, Handbag - McQ, Sunglasses - Gucci (& they are back!)

A lot of pieces in this outfit are my go-to's, those jeans are in need of saving (aka I need a new pair), I have worn them to the point that I have re-sewn them multiple times... they are only available online and keep finding every excuse in the book to not order them claiming mine are fine. They aren't just to be clear. This handbag I got for Christmas is by far one of my favourites, I never had a practical black tote- now that I do I can't let it go! The infamous Gucci glasses were a purchase I made last summer and they are such classics in my wardrobe now, I love them and feel like they make 99% of my outfits! I have several other sunglasses, which I should take out, these are just far too great!

Also a side note, I cannot wait to get my hair done today! My roots have hit their worst, not to mention buns and I have been in a relationship for the last week since washing my hair has not been on the agenda. #sorrynotsorry 

I leave you with this, but I am excited for fresh new hair!

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