I didn't do anything too crazy yesterday; I finally cleaned and reorganized my closet (that'll be a upcoming post). The one day we finally hit 20ÂșC and I stayed inside all day. Yay Aurelia!

I left the house a little later, my mom and I went out for dinner & got my favourite thing of all time for dessert... Suzy Q Doughnuts (if you didn't already guess).

I ordered these pants from Zara online about a week ago, and they have become my favourite jeans! I cannot stop wearing them, they pair so well with most things, they are super comfy and can be dressed up or down. They are definitely the ideal pant.

Straw Hat + Striped Knit + Slouchy Jeans +
Point Toe Loafers - Zara, 
Tote - McQ, Sunglasses - Gucci
 Woah, without even realizing I have dressed myself in head to toe Zara...
I must really like shopping there or something. 

Shop this look
 This one is called Grasshopper, and it has a bit
of a minty taste to it. It's delicious!