I must say I really enjoy this outfit, of course I am re-wearing my now favourite pants (as mentioned in my previous post). The warm weather is slowly beginning to come around, I mean we are still not quite reaching the twenty something weather but I guess we can call this Spring. I am definitely looking forward to June to melt in the hot Southern sun! 

I finally bought these cute little polkadot heels, I had been contemplating on wether or not to purchase them- primarily due to the fact that they are from Aldo. 

Now, I am not hating on Aldo entirely, maybe just a little... they have the look down, but the comfort is horrible! I honestly prefer to purchase heels at Zara, and various other stores than Aldo which is in fact a shoe making brand. I am aware that they are working very hard on achieving a more comfortable base and technology for their shoes, yet it is still not available to their clientele. I am also someone who spends a great deal in heels, and generally do not have a problem, but I cannot keep Aldo shoes on my feet for more than an hour. So I did buy them, I caved, they reminded me so much of Kate Spade... I wore them for the day and died, along with three blisters. 

I will probably go back to my strict policy of not purchasing any shoes from Aldo... at least not any form of heels!   
Sequin Cardi - H&M, Button Up - Cloth & Stone, 
Distressed Jeans - Zara, Heels - Aldo,
Handbag - Coach, Sunglasses - Tom Ford

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  1. This look is amazing and that jacket is to. die. for.

    1. Thanks babe! One of the many treasures buried in my closet


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