Yesterday was a beautiful, hot, sunny, twenty degree weather. Finally 

Two of my friends and I went to grab some Macarons, at this cute little French shop on West Wellington called Macarons et Madelaines- it's a must if you have not been!
This is a first!
Rosie and I finally got a photo together. She & I frequently
take photos of one another, go on shopping adventures, and visit quite
a few food joints, yet never get to pose together. 
Check her blog out here
Sleveless Knit Top & Jeans - Zara, Backpack - Marino Orlandi,
Strappy Sandals - JustFab, Sunglasses - Gucci
So, this was my first time ordering shoes on JustFab, you may have seen commercials for it, and been curious about it. I decided why not give it a try, the prices are pretty cheap, they are trendy and they also had pretty good deals going on. My mom and I ended up ordering a total of 7 pairs of shoes, and we are now returning 4 pairs. The red heels I am wearing aren't too too bad comfort wise, but if I had thought through the value and what I received quality wise I wouldn't have kept these either. My mom kept one pair of hers, I kept the ones seen in the photo's above and a pair of flat rhinestone sandals. The quality is really nothing special at all, being they had a sale (2 for $39.95) it made it more worth while... but after receiving them and knowing these shoes normally retail at about $40 on their website I would say DON'T DO IT. Honestly don't.

JustFab also bites you in the ass, when you're checking out they boost you to VIP Member (makes you seem cool and cared for right off the bat). But once you receive your first order, they give you a breakdown of the VIP Member perks and they are not really perks... for one you get charged $39.95 every month if you don't purchase something, and if you don't want to get charged you need to remember to "decline" the offer every 5th of the month. No one's got time for that

Long story short of my rant and review, JustFab is not so fabulous.

Photos by this babe with a blog- Rosie 

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