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Oh my goodness, I have not posted in just about a week. Sorry! I have been sick this last week and a bit, feeling much better now and 100% back to my old self. I was originally thinking of heading to New York the 18th, but with the week of not feeling myself and really wanting to gain my full energy back I decided to leave the day after. I know it's just one day but your body feels those little differences.

Those who have read my previous blog postings regarding travel and packing know that if I have time to plan ahead, I take full advantage of that... well this time around it's not the case I have not packed a single thing in my suitcase (it is Friday at this point). I think normally i would have already been a little paranoid, but you know what, I am so okay with it- I may freak out when "I have nothing to pack" but I will deal with myself when that time comes. AKA later today when I actually start to pack. 

This post will also reflect my packing process, as I will share some goodies with you, as to what key pieces I am packing with me to New York. I have also set myself a challenge, as I am paying for a suitcase to be checked, and the maximum weight is 23 Kg (50 Lbs), I must pack EVERYTHING within 15-18 Kg. Can I do it?

I managed to pack with quite ease, last night (Sunday). I decided to pack a few extra shoes, and less clothing- this sounds odd but I wanted to multi use certain pieces; so same bottoms but can be worn with a different top, shoes and perhaps one of the 3 bags I am bringing.

As I am hoping to try my best to post daily looks on Instagram, and also doing a few posts on here while I am in New York, here are 4 outfits made with 2 bottoms.
 Knit Top - Topshop, 
Denim Skirt Denim Jewelled Sandals - Zara
 Striped Long SleeveDenim Skirt &
Denim Jewelled Sandals - Zara
 Sweater & Striped Culotte - Zara, 
Sneakers - Converse 
Sequin Top - Vintage,
Striped Culotte & Heels - Zara 

Okay, so I am clearly obsessed with Zara...

I am not the type to bring a lot of accessories, so besides the two necklaces I always have on these are the few others that are coming along.
1. Rings from top left; first two Forever 21, second two Aldo Accessories
Bottom Left; Yellow 'diamond' Magpie, & last two Aldo Accessories
2. Tactic Bangle - Swarovski 
3. Nomad Bracelet - Boho Gypsy
4. Free Spirit Bangle - MADE
5. 'Create' Bracelet - The Giving Keys
6. Watch - Michael Kors
7. Spikey Bracelet - Stella & Dot
8. 'Sailor Moon' Necklace - BaubleBar
9. 'OMG' Necklace - Forever 21
 10. 3D Floral Statement Necklace - Aldo Accessories

Bottom line, my suitcase is packed and ready to go drum roll please; my final weight is 18 KgYAY