Ahh this outfit made me so happy on a beautiful Monday! I threw the pieces together and it was exactly what I had envisioned. I pictured myself on a beautiful beach, walking along cobble stone roads, visiting lovely little shops with some refreshing light wind. Alas I am wearing this look in the city, a smaller grand scale city, called Ottawa. Nonetheless, I loved it!

Many of you, those who know me personally that is, others will soon learn; I adore traveling. I can't say that I have done near as many places as some other people, but I try to travel as much as I can- wether they be small day trips, road trips, week long, over seas, you name it!

Last summer I had the opportunity of traveling to various cities around Italy & Spain, before that I spent time with my best friend, visiting my family in Paris, as well as giving Olivia her very own personal tour of the city! I love learning about new cities, discovering the beauty, history, myths and legends. I always try to do research before going, as this way I have a base of knowledge and I can keep on learning more.

Of course, the main source of travel is always money, and yes it's difficult for everyone; I would say that is the one thing that stops me most. Although I do try my best to not let it get in the way. I am looking forward to my two up coming trips and I am eager to perhaps plan some more for 2015!

The best feeling (for me anyways), is being surrounded by new soundings, in an unfamiliar city with new faces to look at. It honestly makes me appreciate life, and gives me such desire to discover more. I think the reason I fall in love with cities so easily is because not only do I love the architecture, the scenery, the people and anything else it can offer; but it's the fact that most of the time, and most of the places I travel I can see myself living there. To more traveling (& moving)!
Now off the topic of traveling, this beautifully structure handbag is the newest addition to my collection! AND it is in fact Coach. That's right, I just admitted it, fully

These are the sandals from JustFab that I mentioned in a previous post, and for the exact reason that I will never order from that site again, I will also not post this exact sandal in the "Shop This Look", but I will post others that are similar in style. I'll finally post sunglasses that are similar to the Gucci one's I always wear!
Sequin Top - Vintage, Crop Trousers - Zara, 
Structured Handbag - Coach, Sandals - JustFab,
Sunglasses - Gucci
Photo's by Rosie Waugh 

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