Rosie and I have finally got to visit the Diefenbunker- I honestly didn't even know Ottawa housed something this cool. haha! The bunker was built very quickly in the 60's and kept top secret, and was meant to house a vast amount of Canadian government personal as well as military in the event of a nuclear war. Pretty cool, right? 

Ottawa has been pretty off (weather wise) and this day specifically the humidity had gotten the best of me, then going into the bunker it was freezing cold and still muggy; so don't mind my hair! The bunker is huge it offers about 300 rooms, 4 floors and many rooms equipped with the highest technology back then. The bunker was also used as a base from the 80's all the way to 1994! Anyways, it was really awesome to see, each room has it's own little 'museum' set up that explains various parts around the world affected by this same war, people involved, and various other topics that connect one way or another. Many rooms are still fully set up as they were way back when; it was very eery yet interesting to see the operation room with all the machines ready to go.

As we kept walking around, opening and closing doors, going up and down the stairs, the bunker made me think about the Dharma Initiative from Lost. If you have not gone through your phase of Lost you best get to it. I did manage to snap a few photos, but that was a challenge, I am not sure if it was coincidental or truthfully something and/or someone getting in the way; but my SLR had the hardest time functioning in certain rooms it simply would not work. Rosie was creeped out by it, and I was just frustrated that I couldn't take the photo.
I am glad I have finally gotten the chance to visit the bunker, until recently I didn't even know this existed. Rosie is now obsessed with it, and so happy we went to the point she wants her wedding held there! I do think it would be pretty awesome to hold an overnight event.

If you're from Ottawa and haven't done the visit I suggest you do it, especially with all the crappy weather we've been getting it's the perfect time. If you are planning a visit to Ottawa you should make the drive out to Carp. For more information here's the link; Diefenbunker
 I feel like I chose the wrong outfit for this excursion... by the end I truthfully felt like I looked like a nurse in this outfit. I also thought this after Rosie mentioned it...

Button up - Cloth & Stone, Skirt - Zara,
Sneakers - Kenneth Cole, Handbag - ASH
Bunker photo's taken my me
Outfit photo's by Rosie Waugh

By the way I had a blast in New York, I mostly updated my Instagram - I didn't really feel the need to make a post I was truly just trying to enjoy my time there since I hadn't been back in a while. But Friday I will be departing for my road trip, I will be posting what I am packing and updating as we go!


  1. This post still makes me laugh out loud. You make me look like such a nerd / you look like the cutest little old timey nurse I'm obsessed

    1. haha this was good times for sure :)


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