Rosie & I had quite a hard time finding something to do after our original plans failed. It was a very hot day, with a whole lot of humidity! After some roaming around, shopping, coffee and contemplating we decided to make our way to the Manotick Mill (Watson's Mill). In case I wasn't clear the first time... it was VERY hot out. 

Legend says that the mill is haunted by a young lady named Ann, who was killed in the mill by getting her skirt caught in one of the turbines - she is said to be seen and heard in various areas of the beautifully preserved 1800's stone mill. A few years ago I was fortunate to do a photoshoot at the mill with two very talented people, Amanda Cava and Adamo Di Nardo*; that same day paranormal activists were investigating the premises as they have seen Ann in the past and were checking to see if her spirit still haunted the mill. It was pretty cool to be there at the same time as we were told some of the areas we were shooting were spots she loved to 'hang around'. Pretty cool, am I right?

If you're around Ottawa and have not been to the mill, why not check it out - it's not the most interesting of things as a whole day activity but its beautiful for a quick visit and the surrounding area is lovely for photos and a picnic! 
 I am still so obsessed with this skirt clearly, I've worn in for a few posts I believe, and it is definitely a piece that I love to dress often! 

The Who band tee is one of my newest, I find it is so hard to find good, thin and vintage band t-shirts... this one is not a vintage piece unfortunately but it is a very light cotton which I purchased during Bluesfest here in Ottawa. If anyone has good suggestions for authentic band tee's please let me know!
The Whoo Tee - Bluesfest,
Denim Skirt & White Flatform Oxfords - Zara,
Bucket Bag - Cartier, John Lennon Sunglasses - Ray Bans
Photos taken by Rosie Waugh

*Fun little fact; I am the model used for many of Amanda Cava's photographs as you may see on her website. On Adamo's hair salon page, I was the wardrobe stylist for those photos!

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