My last blog post was extremely long, I apologize, the second half will come out after this blog post! It is blog official that I have lavender-purple hair! This was not intentional, I typically make my own toner with Manic Panic (Lie Locks), to keep my hair nicely toned & grey when I wash it... It so happened that I did not bring the correct bottle in the shower and dyed it purple. I did want a short change from the grey, I have had it for about 3 years so the purple is a nice break. My best friend Nessa is visiting from Vancouver, and she actually completely re-did the color for me. We did not stick to Lie Locks but instead tried XP200 (a Cosmo prof brand) and I am very happy with the color!
These photo's were taken a few days ago when Rosie and I enjoyed a full day of; shopping, gelato eating, chilling at home & more eating! Our usual really! Rosie and I are huge, huge fans of Marshall's and Winners, we always make an effort to visit various one's in our city... and basically need to tell ourselves not to buy anything, but we always do. 
I actually love a few pieces of this outfit, the top I wish I wore more often, these culottes are amazing and versatile, these are also brand new sunglasses - I do really enjoy the 70's vibe they give off, but I do find them tricky to wear everyday as I don't find they flatter every outfit.
 Sunglasses - Celine, Ruffle Tank - Topshop,
Culotte & Flatform Sandals - Zara,
Floral Handbag - ASH
 Photo's by Rosie Waugh 

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