I have been completely neglecting my blog, and I do feel a little bad about it, but I have been enjoying my summer so much and haven't been spending a whole lot of time inside nor near wifi zones.  I cannot believe August has already come, and is slowly slipping away... I love fall but this just means we are one step closer to the horrendous Ottawa Winters.

I really wish I made a Summer Bucket List, I would have crossed off so many things and more! I have been spending some days in the city doing some work, eating, hanging with friends but my weekends are all spent at the cottage surrounded by people I love.

This Summer has allowed me to get over one of my fears; I had not gone swimming in open water (Lake) in at least 10 years, but spending so much time at the cottage my friends quickly made me change my ways so I can enjoy all the fun it has to offer. Since being back in the water I have been feeling better about swimming, got back into tubbing, jumping off Blueberry Tower (20 foot high jump), even tried wake boarding. Being as pale as I am, I even got a little tan going on! The cottage is also a great excuse to wear all my thirty-ish swimsuits. Yes, I am a little obsessed. 

Apart from the cottage life I have been attending many concerts (besides Bonnaroo), hanging with friends as much as I can, and just really enjoying my summer to it's fullest!