I have decided to dedicate a post to this long weekend;  I have never been one to be huge on Thanksgiving, I just found it to be a whatever, added on holiday... well I was wrong. Yes it's a smaller holiday (especially here in Canada compared to the States) but you know what any excuse, or chance that I get to spend with people I love, indulging in delicious homemade meals and sweets; I'll take it!

This year was most definitely well spent, my friends and I went up the cottage to spend some good friends and family integrated time, it was truly wonderful. The weather was the perfect autumn feel, sun beaming through the trees, the leaves slowly piling up on the ground, surrounded by amazing people and a warm little fire in the living room- I really couldn't have had a better weekend. Natalie was the mastermind behind hosting a little thanksgiving get together, she and I were the cooks in the kitchen - did I mention we went full vegetarian/vegan for this whole dinner! 

Everything was just so heartwarming! 
Monday was a fantastic little evening spent with my parents. We rarely get to have a proper meal together, so this was definitely the perfect excuse- we even brought Leo over to hang out with Lolita the whole day!

Anyhow the whole day flew by, my mom and I went for a walk as the weather was too beautiful to pass up... this dragged on a little longer than expected so our start time for cooking was a little off. We had many things to do (my mom isn't one to be in the kitchen all day), I had prepared the menu and order of which things should be prepped. There were some ups and down in terms of getting things done in a timely matter and not to mention some technical difficulties with a new tart dough, I had decided to follow on a recipe. I really should have stuck to my classic tart dough recipe. Next time!

We had a great dinner; cheeses paired with crackers, homemade jam, prosciutto, and nuts. This was followed by roasted potatoes, corn salad, apple cider turkey drumsticks and homemade pretzels. Finishing it off with some coffee and individual tarts.

I was really happy to host the dinner at my place this year since it reminded me of all the dinner parties I held in Vancouver. I am looking forward to more in the future!
I would like to finish this post, not only with photo's from my weekend but also would like to take the time and just express a few things. I primarily do want to say thank you; thank you for many things that I will not name all here but some of which I feel like I should address. 

I am beyond thankful for:
1. The life I live, I may not always like the circumstances that I am in, or wish things would happen differently but I get to experience new things as these little obstacles come about
2. The friends that always stand by my side, the ones that stuck through every little good and bad moment. Thankful of growing together 
3. New friendships that have blossomed into something I cannot begin to explain, and I am truly blessed to have you all in my life (new & old friends of course)
4. A loving & supportive family 
5. The little things in life that we take for granted, every single little thing that I don't appreciate enough. Know that you are appreciated in your own way, I promise
6. The energy and desire to seek adventure, this makes me want to keep taking risks in life

I'll end my list here, or I could just go on for too long... anyways I hope you did all have an amazing long weekend surrounded by people you love, and probably a few food babies!