I feel like I start my posts by letting you know and reminding myself that I suck at keeping my blog updated... I don't know if this is a subtle reminder to kick myself in the butt to find a tiny bit of time to get shit done or if it makes me feel a little better that I am letting you know I suck at making updated blog posts. Regardless of whatever the reason may be, I apologies, haha. I have honestly been so busy, with work, so many hours a week, I feel like as of late I barely have time for myself - when I try to plan a blog photo day it always back fires on me, or my body becomes way too lazy since it's typically a small span of time I have to myself. Yes, I know, enough with excuses! 

Anyways, it's December, and I guess people are really starting to get into the holiday spirit. I am not quite there yet, I have finally completed my Christmas shopping, and spent way too much money; #BrokeAssStatus. I don't even know what I really want for Christmas this year, except a couch. 

Whatever Christmas isn't even what I want to be talking about... I have been missing Vancouver more than ever lately, my life there, my friends, the weather although; Ottawa has been having killer weather so I will not complain too much. I am lucky to have amazing close friends in Ottawa that make being back a little better, but it's also these great friends that make me miss the great friendships I have in Vancouver, and I keep missing them even more. 

To all my close friends in Ottawa - thank you for being you, you mean the world to me. To my tight friends in Vancouver - I miss you, love you, and thank you for still being in my life one way or another. I need to win the lottery or something so I can come visit, and that could also help me move back!! 
This is just some photos snapped after a lazy Sunday breakfast with Steph & Chris. I finally got to try this new little diner we have in Westboro called Chesterfields Gastro Diner, it's very cute, 70's ish vibe, recycled furniture and they have a cool kitchen set up. This spot was actually a coffee shop i used to really enjoy going to, and I have actually previously made a post with Laura in the coffee shop - find it here. If you in the Ottawa region, and know Westboro well, then you may or may not know that this fine little diner is actually under the same ownership of Wellington Street Diner.  
Sunglasses - CĂ©line, Handbag - McQ, T-shirt - American Apparel,
Long Cardi - Zara, Leather Moto Jacket - Vintage,
Ripped Jeans - Cheap Monday, Sneakers - Adidas

Photos by Chris Sorokan 

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