Well it's official, February has arrived... funny enough I was just thinking how far away it was, yet we are already the 1st. I can't tell if January has gone by quick though, I definitely felt like it dragged on quite a bit; for the record I also have not accomplished any of my goals so far. Typical.

Rosie and I finally managed to have a date over the weekend, it was long overdue as we constantly hung out and then life and work got in the way. 

I wish I could say so many cool things have been going on with my life, but in reality it's the same old stuff. I have been working on a few things around the house, organizing and decorating; I am not ready to reveal my abode just yet. Otherwise, I have been looking for more work, dreaming about all that money can buy, thinking about going on vacay (Vancouver, Costa Rica or Paris, thoughts?), and thinking about what I will do for a pretty big deal birthday (which I normally don't care about). 

...mind you I have been purchasing some fantastic things at Zara, at such low prices. We won't go into details about my shopping problems, remember I'm trying to be better. 
 This denim dress is actually one of the great pieces I recently acquired, and it was a only $15.99! I think a lot of the stuff that I am finding on the sale section in Zara is a lot of rejects and online returns from other stores, and not many people seem to be too attracted to most of the things I have been eager about. Which in my eyes is a bonus! The very yeti-like faux fur vest is also something I got for a steal, but I don't remember the price. It's become one of my favourite pieces, and certainly a hot topic of conversation at work. That's where the whole yeti thing came from.
 Leather Moto - Vintage, Faux Fur Vest - Glamorous
Denim Dress + Suede Embroidered Messenger Bag + Patent Boots - Zara
Also, remember that little alley way I used in a summer post - Belonged to no One?
Well I told you I would use it again! Such a little gem on Elgin Street.
Photos taken by Rosie Waugh

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