Ugh - this not so warm weather has really been pissing me off. Like, yeah, hello, we are now May; bring on the heat! I'm over it. 

On the topic of summer, I am getting excited to do some mini trip planning. No major trips are happening for various reasons, but definitely a few small ones here and there. Osheaga has been officially purchased and booked for the last two months now, I am really thinking about a small Quebec City road trip, also Steph and I are really looking into a week of some sun soaking in Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina. I want this specific trip to happen so bad!!! I love that place.

Otherwise, I recently spent sometime in Montreal with one of my besties to help her out with a makeup project; some sneak peek photos were up on Snapchat and Instagram, I am super excited to see what the finish pictures will look like.
I have become quite obsessed with this jacket in particular, I also have the matching pants and I can't get enough of the set. I will definitely need to make a post sometime soon showing off the two together, I dress them up and down together as well as individually all the time. Such a good buy!

I have also discovered a hidden love for this dress, I bought it over a year ago, I really liked it at the store and then it kind of just hung out in my closet. Since this outfit, I have easily worn in another handful of time in various ways. It's such a basic staple to have, so comfortable, and versatile.
I guess I should mention my hair, no it has not magically grown in the last few week of my last outfit post... I started investing in some wigs. I used to be a big fan of them a few years back when I purchased my first wig (all real human hair) for far too much - I barely wore it, the color was off, and I felt like it didn't have enough weight to it. I had given up on my awesome thought of "I'll just wear wigs whenever I want to change my look". I recently said "Fuck it"... obviously being re-influenced by many celebrities that do it on the daily; Gaga (Queen of wigs), and now Kylie Jenner who has grown in popularity for the wig category.

This particular wig that I am wearing I purchased on, it is a full synthetic lace front wig and heat resistant. Lace front wigs are the best (in my opinion and many others would agree), they really blend in with your scalp. I am still learning some techniques and such, but I have definitely been loving the look of them. I do have another wig that is not lace front, I have worn in once or twice but I need to do some work on it to make it more me. 
Cap - Wilfred Free, Cami Dress - Babaton
Floral Bomber - Zara, Gold Choker - Aldo Accessories,
Stan Smith Sneakers - Adidas, Pedo-Inspired Sunglasses - Celine,
Faux Fur Pom Pom - Winners,
Multipurpose Leather Bag - Elizabeth & James
Photos taken by Amanda Cava

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