Well Osheaga is t-minus 2 days ish away... I honestly kept forgetting that it was this upcoming weekend. Where did the time fly!? I can't tell how excited, or if I remotely am currently to be going; I mean I love music festivals and going to Montreal, Osheaga isn't at the top of my list for favourite festivals. Maybe this year it will be better though right?! Maybe?

I think I'm mostly excited to be doing something this summer, and get out of Ottawa. I also don't feel like I have done much... not nearly as much as last year! Plus it's the good ol' Bonnaroo crew coming together for another mini road trip and Osheaga 2016 - so that's definitely the up side. While were in Montreal we're also getting to see a couple different friends so that is also an additional thing to look forward to.

I would say for the most part the four of us have pretty similar interests in who were wanting to see, but we also have some choices of our own which I am assuming I will be attending solo to a few shows. Anybody going? Let's be friends!

I have decided to challenge myself and make a top 5 (I have actually been contemplating this in my head for the passed few minutes of this decision)
  1. Oh Wonder
  2. Post Malone
  3. Boys Noize (I've been wanting to see them since I was 15 freaking years old!)
  4. Lana Del Rey
  5. Disclosure
Oh man that last pick was very difficult... there's quite a few more that I would add to my list but I shall remain firm on these decisions. The "Scène Picnic Electronic" (basically the EDM/Electro stage) is probably somewhere I'll spend quite a bit of time at! But seriously - if you're in Montreal going to Osheaga holler at me.

Now if you know me at all... I am not one to pack light. I really tried but you know what fuck it! were driving, we have an apartment that we're staying at, and it's just a two hour drive to Montreal; why the hell do I have to pack light for this trip?! Nope, to hell with it! At Bonnaroo I did a little more practical dressing, for one being it's so damn hot and secondly just the fact that I was living in a hot tent for 4 days; but for Osheaga I am being pampered. 

Here are some sneak peaks of favourite key items of mine that are coming on the trip! Most of them are actually incorporated in the three Osheaga outfits that you will later be seeing. 

Hat - H&M, Sunglasses - Gucci
Small Leather Bucket Bag -  Kate Spade Saturday,
Western Brown Belt - Mom's closet from way back when,
Double Buckle Belt - Topshop, Cactus iPhone Case - Ebay
These Gucci sunglasses are still by far my favorite! I know I need to utilize all my other ones more... which I try to but these always end up being my go-tos.
Recycled Leather Vest - Mamie Ruth
I got this beautiful piece last year at Bonnaroo, it is one of my more original/unique items, smells so damn good and is recycled leather. I especially love the appliqué details on the back of the vest. Mamie Ruth has some great pieces, I love the vintage recycled shoes (the sizes are a hit or miss) but absolutely stunning! Check them out: Mamie Ruth
Cowboy Boots - Both purchased at a local store in 
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
I actually haven't had a chance to wear the black ones in the photo, I was actually hoping for a cool occasion to wear where I could break them in and roughen them up. The brown ones I've actually worn a couple times, they were such a great deal I actually got three pairs when I was in Pigeon Forge. Can't ever have too many cowboy boots. Am I right?
Sunblock - Australian Gold
Never forget your skin protection, every two hour application especially when you're spending all day under the blistering sun! Your skin has a memory and you won't see the cause/effect until years down the line. This is actually the lowest SPF I have purchased in over a year (I typically get SPF 45 or 50), I do feel like I have gotten a good base tan so I am feeling adventurous. 

Well friends, I am definitely excited to be on the road! I still have a few last things to pack and am all set - suitcase count: 1 carry on size + 1 duffle bag (for my shoes of course)!
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