Hello everyone!
Yes, it is finally a new blog post - once again I have been MIA and super busy with my new schedule.
My new work which started a few months ago has really changed my schedule and I have not yet found out how to entirely balance traveling 95% of the week and also find ways to take photos and keep track of my blog. Anyhow, you win some and you lose some for just about everything... I now will need to establish some sort of blogging schedule with my wicked travel life.

I truly cannot believe how quick 2016 has shot by, and we are already into December; at this point time isn't getting any closer. Are you done your Christmas shopping? This will be the first year in a very long time that I am not fully done all my shopping - I have only just started if I am being honest.

For the next few weeks all my weekends are literally fully booked for Christmas affairs, I am generally not one to fully get into the holiday spirit but I feel like this year is pushing me a little more since I can't seem to get away from it. I have get togethers, girls nights, Secret Santa, work parties, pot lucks you name it - mind you I won't complain too much since these are all nice ways of having a social life during busy season and long work weeks. I have recently made a pretty simple, yet flavourful dish that may just be the perfect thing for a party you may be hosting. I mean my grandfather had seconds, which is huge for a picky eater.
I had originally found this recipe in a cooking magazine and completely changed it around where I have now been happy with this full end result of the dish! So I am now happy to share it with you in hopes you will enjoy it as much as my family and I did.
Braised Short Rib, Mushroom Sauce Pasta
Serves about 8-10

1 pack dried porcini mushrooms*
1 kg bone in beef short ribs
900 g rigatoni pasta
Pinch of salt & pepper (or to your liking)
2 tbsp olive oil
4 garlic cloves, minced
1/3 cups dry white or red wine
2 1/3 cups beef broth (I always use sodium reduced)
5 cups mushrooms Oyster or plain white, cut up
Chopped fresh parsley for garnish
Grated Pecorino-Romano or Parmesan cheese for garnish

*Follow instructions on the Porcini mushrooms package

In a plate, place the ribs and sprinkle the salt + pepper on beef. In a Dutch oven, heat 1 tbsp of oil over medium-high heat; cook beef, until browned all over. Place the beef in a separate plate, leaving the liquid in the pot. Set beef aside.

Drain all but 1 tbsp of fat from the pot; cook porcini mushrooms and garlic over medium heat, stir and cook through for about 30 seconds. Add in the beef and broth; bring to a boil. Cover and braise in the oven at 325ºF until it is very tender, about 2 1/2 hours.

Meanwhile, during the last minutes of the beef cooking begin to cook your pasta.
Once beef is tender and ready, the bone should come right off. Transfer the beef into a plate and cut it up on a cutting board. The pieces can be as big or small as you want them to be.

In a non stick skillet heat the remaining oil, 1 tbsp, and cook the mushrooms, stirring until softened. Add the pasta, beef and juices, stirring to generously coat the pasta.

Sprinkle some fresh parsley and cheese if desired. Hey, if chili peppers are your thing, why not add some of those bad boys!

You're ready to eat; enjoy! 


  1. These photos are amazing. Would really like to try making this! You're so talented!! xo

    1. Do it!!! Such a good dish... I'm sure you know who would love it ;)


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