I am not one to ever feel so different once a new year comes around, this year was the same but I am looking forward to what this year has to offer as the last year was an interesting one to say the least. I have done a lot of thinking about life, friendships, goals, work life as well as all the other big and small things our brain makes us think about. I have never been one for New Year resolutions, or goals I don't feel like they motivate me; but this year I did decide to think about some things I would like to do or work towards in 2017.
I rang the New Year with some close friends, in a beautiful cottage on the Quebec side, it was truly such a great way to get out of the city; have something more intimate and private. The cottage weekend was a great idea, New Years events are quite over rated and pricey for the end results. I would say this was much more enjoyable than a one off night that I didn't love - we ate like kings and queens, enjoyed one another company, had fun indoors + outdoors, and relaxed.

The nature surrounding the cottage was absolutely beautiful, going for a walk in the forest in over a foot of snow was also quite a thrill, and the guys shovelled off a small pond for us to skate. The snow kept falling making everything very picture perfect! New Years is also a good excuse to dress up, although we were in the middle of no where the occasion still called for all of us to get dolled up. I was definitely the pooper since I had already started to fall asleep before midnight, I can't give myself too much credit since I was in bed by 12:40 am.
So, before the end of the year I had done a lot of thinking in terms of what I would like short term and long term. Now, I thought I had settled with a few things that I really did want but the more I think about them, the more I feel like I have more things. I moved back in with family, as I travel 90% of the week I figured it was smart to put that money aside and pay off my bit of debt. At this point (with my thought on saving), I had established that buying a house was one of the few things on the top of my list - not that I would be able to do that anytime soon but in the next 2 years. As I said I kept thinking about these goals, and it made me realize that yes, I do want a house, eventually... right now I want to focus on a few others things.
Things I am prioritizing (they aren't all direct goals but also way of life)
  • See more of Canada Thankfully work helps out for this one!
  • Live in the moment - accept and take things as they come
  • Less overthinking
  • Work harder on my blog 
  • Visit Costa Rica 
  • Take a trip to LA 
  • Really just travel more...
  • Pay off all my debt 
  • Obviously save some money 
  • Shop a little less
& a few more

Well hope everyone had great holidays and the start of 2017 has been treating you well!


  1. Love this! Really like your ideas and reflection for the new year. xo

    1. Thanks babe! We will have many adventures this year :)


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