I am so excited to finally have tried some stuff by Kylie Cosmetics. I was pretty frustrated when every damn item kept selling out and was next to impossible to get! Alas - they have come to me and I was now able to try three of her products.

I received:
  • The Burgundy Palette 
  • Reign - Metallic 
  • Moon - Lip Kit 
As you may or may not have seen all over my snapchat and Insta story the whole unveiling of the package... if not well it was hella beautiful. The box is all black, really sleek exterior, once you open the box it is her infamous dripping graphic, along with a cute thank you note. How you market your product is so key and having great packaging makes it all a better experience! I was obviously very excited about this package as I had to stop myself from fully explaining everything that you can clearly see in the photo below...
I swatched both Reign and Moon right away, and they both successfully stayed on my hand for a while with no smearing; I put them to the test by doing a whole lot of stuff around the house and they didn't budge. 

The real test was the next day when I wore Reign.
So I definitely had not expected the consistency to be as liquid based as it is, since it's a metallic color I did envision it to be much thicker. It is very pigmented, which I love, and does cover very well on the first application. Reign is a beautiful maroon + deep burgundy blend, the final results are also very nice because many people thought I had added another color to my lips to give it a bit of a ombre look but it was really just the look of the metallic blend. Since the product is runnier than assumed, applying at your cupids bow is a bit of a challenge to get perfectly aligned with your natural lip line; as a darker color, when we begin to nit pick the lines of imperfection we become hot messes. It is definitely manageable, I just had assumed the texture to be different for the application!
The metallic lip color is very long lasting, I wore mine the whole day at work and did not reapply. It does dry pretty quick upon putting on the gloss, but does get a bit more on the dry side throughout the day. But it isn't a discomforting dry, you just know you've had it on for a while kind of dry! It also stays on very well with no bleeding, I drank, ate, drank, talked and didn't re-touch, I would say the end of day results are not too shabby. Take a look!
 Now, I have been having a lot of fun wearing my Burgundy Palette, like everyday since I've received it!! The colors are all so damn beautiful, the tint of each is so rich, very nice to blend, I also do find that they are quite long lasting. 

So far I have done looks combining:
  • Naked
  • LA
  • New York 
  • Dubai 

  • Naked 
  • Beach

  • Naked
  • LA
  • Dubai 
  • Brick

  • New York
  • Almond
  • Dubai 
  • Strange (Naked3 - Urban Decay) 
I have yet to make some looks with the very beautiful 'Burgundy' and 'Penny'
The application of them is great, I did like mixing them with some other colors I have by Urban Decay - which worked out nicely. Kylie's eyeshadows have great pigment, which again makes it pretty fun to mix the colors from her palette and other brands. The colors are also easy to manipulate as to if you want it to be as rich, and bold as you see it or if you want something a little more subtle. This also might be a little weird... sometimes, okay mostly when I am lazy but have a new product on I like to try out the "Sleep Test" which is literally me not taking off my makeup and seeing how I look the next morning. Well needless to say, my eyeshadow did not move, I just needed minor reapplications and I was good to go! I obviously don't encourage you to sleep with your makeup on, your skin does need to breathe.
The price value of it was $42 US which is a normal price point and if you are looking to purchase something a bit different then Kylie's colors are a good way to go since they aren't accessible to all the general public unless ordering online. I do really like the visual aesthetic of the packaging with the eyes crying metallic tear drops.
Last but not least is the Moon lip kit. I was very happy to have chosen Moon, and that I didn't go with one of Kylie's more sought after lip kits + colors. The texture of the gloss I did once again picture it to be thicker; although it has the same consistency, it was much easier to apply all along your natural lip line. Of course the liner helps a lot but I believe the shade and type of gloss makes a difference. In the end I'm actually an even bigger fan of the color in person! 

The matte gloss is very long lasting, I did wear it for a full day at work and ended my day with not god awful lips. I found that the liquid dries quick on the lips, but does stay more creamy than the metallic. On the topic of long lasting, they are also a bit tricky to take off your lips without rubbing, I use La Roche-Posay makeup remover; I'm assuming this is happening because my remover is not oil based. Also, I absolutely love the smell of both glosses! 
There is a bit of a downfall though, the liner is beautiful but the lid does not stay on... I'm not sure if this is a one off problem but the lid is very lose, constantly falls + loses itself in my purse... how do I fix this problem?! This is not only annoying, but I also don't want to dirty the lining of my bags. Has anyone else had this problem? 

To conclude my thoughts on Kylie Cosmetics, I do really like the product. She is a growing young lady, a new entrepreneur, with some kinks to fix along the way - live and learn! I would definitely buy more products from her, I mean I am dying to get my hands on the new The Royal Peach Palette but it is already a hot commodity... so I'll be patient.