Here’s another review, a smaller brand than the last I’ve done, but natural and Canadian! Best of both worlds am I right? I was very fortunate to get in contact with this fantastic Makeup and Beauty line through a friend and fellow blogger Chantal Seguin at Opal Frame. 

I am so excited to have had the opportunity to try out some of the makeup line from Maison Jacynthe - I for one had never heard of the brand but am very happy with the research I’ve done and the great information I had received directly from them. Let me tell you more, for those who are also opening their eyes to a new makeup and skincare line! Maison Jacynthe was founded by Jacynthe RenĂ©; she comes from a very busy yet successful line of work where she has an online magazine (, has published three books, features in various magazines such as Women’s Health and LaPresse and many more. Not only does she strive in these areas but nearly 65 thousand people in Quebec turn to her and her team for further advice with detox diets, health and natural beauty. 

Jacynthe’s 100% natural skincare and makeup line, through her website you will be able to discover many of her projects, recipes and other great insights on her and the development of the brand. 
Oh and one more thing to add to this already amazing natural line… as of last year Maison Jacynthe officially joined PETA: Beauty Without Bunnies Program. This is amazing right?! I know I have many friends that would be absolutely over the moon about this. 
As some of you may have seen the unveiling of my cute little package via Snapchat and Insta, I received three products: Terracottas 01 Mattina, Lipstick 07 Moka Transparent Matte, and Eyeshadow 12 Expresso. I’ve had the last few weeks to play around with them individually as well as pairing them with other beautiful colors. 
Terracottas - primarily used to brighten up and even out your complexion, which can also help give you a nice glow; I primarily have been using it more as a contour/blush. I am very fair, a little goes a long way with the color I've chosen. The hue is very rich, and the texture is very light, yet powerful! The first time I used it I had definitely underestimated it’s power as the color was much too orange and intense for my complexion. The good thing about makeup and the texture of the power it is very easy to fix and manipulate. Using the Teracottas I now simply dab my ibeauty oval brush and apply it as I would contouring my cheek bones, it does indeed leave a beautiful light tanned like look and ecsantuates my features which is exactly what I love. 

As the product mentions it does help give a tan like effect, I do believe that this powder may even be a great addition someone’s makeup palette who gets a natural tan in the summer! 

I must say after trying this product, seeing how vibrantly it applies I am a million times more curious and excited to try out one of their illuminators!
Eyeshadow - What I loved so much about the eyeshadow selection is that I feel like many of these colors are not offered in other brands.. yes of course theres dups of everything, but I truly found these to be such unite shades. I can genuinely say I kept going back and forth as to which color to try, as quite a few of them caught my eye. My final decision was the Black Eye 15, I was a little nervous by my decision primarily because a lot of the black eye shadows I have had in the past were either very matte and hard to manipulate while on your eye lid, the intensity of the black was so stark that toning it down with other shades made it way too grey, and also every black eye shadow I’ve had always flakes a lot upon applying at times this wasn’t the easiest to clean up under my eyes. I must say I was very impressed by the eyeshadow I received, the consistency of the dark color is still very much there, but it seems to be a lot easier to manipulate how dark or how light you truly want your eyelid… I wanted mine quite dark and layering as well as blending was fantastic. I also applied some under my bottom lash line, with no touch ups throughout the day, but the end of the day it didn't even bleed! I also morphed the black with this beautiful rich purple from Urban Decay and I can’t even explain the end results, they were truly beautiful! I wish I took a photo, but I was off boarding a flight, sawry! You’ll just have to try these out yourself. 

Lipstick - The selection of colors is small, but they are all very pretty in their own way! I was very curious to try the lipstick, Chantal (Opal Frame), had given me some great feedback so I was very intrigued to give it a try. I wasn’t sure how matte they were really going to be, as they seemed to be a bit more on the sheen side… if you know me you’re well aware that I absolutely hate anything that is like lipgloss, sticky, sheer etc. Applying the lipstick was indeed a sheen finish, definitely nothing like a lipgloss (I was happy about that), but not quite the matte finish I am generally used to. Needless to say I really liked the feel, I didn’t feel like my lips were suddenly dry from a matte, and the texture didn’t effect how amazing the pigment of the lipstick was on your lips. The color I chose was one of the lighter ones, and I wouldn’t say no to trying something darker! 
One more really cool thing about the brand, as you can see in the photos each shadow and powder arrives in a flat little pouch; this is because you can not only be natural but also eco friendly! Maison Jacynthe offers their clients to purchase little individual palettes to insert these refills on their own, this way they can be reused upon finishing a product or not purchased at all and simply keeping the little pouch. The containers come in all different sizes to accommodate any makeup product you’re purchasing. I thought this was such a great added feature!