Here we go again, packing my bags and heading on the road again. I absolutely missed being on on the run everyday of the week, going up and down on airplanes, sleeping in countless hotels and visiting various cities.

This week I am packing for three cold cities; Newfoundland, Quebec City & Montreal! I had a little bit of trouble coming up with what to pack in terms of how much stuff to bring if the weather is so cold, if I would need my heavy duty snow boots, and how many coats. All in all i think I did pretty good, upon arrival to the airport my luggage weighed 18.5lbs I couldn't believe it - I have never packed so lightly.

I really wish I could travel without a checked luggage, especially now that they have officially started charging for all checked bags - Air Canada was one of the few that still had the first checked bag free but that is no more. This is quite a piss off since how the fuck else would people bring their belongings? Do they not think we spend enough money on these bloody plane tickets? It all just pisses me off so much, they have to find any opportunity to squeeze more money out of us. Plus to travel just with a carry on you can only bring minimum toiletry products, they expect 50ml products and all must fit in a 1L bag... sorry who are you?! My daily creams on their own pass that, let alone my makeup.

My daily skin care regime
From left to right
Sol de Janeiro - Brazilian Bumbum Cream, Adidas for Women - Deodorant Icy Burst,

*Some of the smaller bottles are 'travel' sizes that I managed to get (I am not sure if these are actually sold), otherwise all products are regular sizes as seen on website links

Some decisions I made to minimize my luggage, I decided on no snow boots (I mean I won't be hiking in large piles of snow), pack one coat and wear the larger one, otherwise I stuck to the pre-outfit preparation for work and have some versatile casual pieces.

What I packed
 Frank & Oak - Button up, Thrifted - Colored Silk Scarf,
Zara - Black Pants
 H&M - Two Piece Suit, Zara - White T-shirt
 BCBG - Trapeze Safari Dress, H&M - Sheath Dress
 Zara - Orange Knit Sweater, Untitled & Co- Graphic Sweater,
Zara - Embroidered Blouse + Cotton Long Sleeve, 
H&M - Crossed Front Bodysuit 
 Zara - Floral Patched Denim, Forever 21 - Black Overalls
 Zara - Leather Gold Heel Boots, Leather Black Boots,
Leather Fringe + Buckle Detail Boots, Opening Ceremony - White Leather Slip ons 
Browns - Salt Stain Shoe Wipes
I absolutely hate when my shoes get dirty, especially when they can also get ruined by all the salt we have during the winter. I always make sure they are cleaned and protected with spray, but these wipes come in handy to clean off your shoes afterwards. 

Take a look in my bag and check out some stuff I just have to travel with!
Vintage (belonged to my aunt) - Reading Glasses, Wet Ones - Bacterial Wipes, 
Aldo - Shoehorn, The Body Shop - Hemp Hand Cream, 
Apple - Charger + Earphones, Advil - Medication, Louis Vuitton - Passport Holder + Wallet,
Book - Mark Manson, Celine - Sunglasses*, Kylie Cosmetics - Lip Kit,
Mac Cosmetics - Honey Love*

*Sunglasses + Lipsticks are the two things I bring multiples of on every trip!

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