Another week, another city! I am not a huge fan of Alberta, I have mostly based this judgment on my trips to Calgary, but this time around I was heading to Edmonton. The city wasn’t so bad, I do like it a bit more than Calgary but all in all Alberta is just not for me… I also find them to be super slow (driving wise), the city has so much crazy enforcements its pretty strange. 

Anyways, this is just a few tips I wanted to share for some easy to do packing. I am really into the whole writing outfits down as it helps me out a lot in the morning when I have already completely styled my wardrobe! Don’t forget to bring some basics though, they always come in handy. 

I am generally pretty good at basing myself off the weather network and gauging the weather but I totally failed miserably in Edmonton; not so much warmth wise but the damn wetness. At that point Winnipeg was cold and dry, Ottawa was cold and dry, when I looked into Edmonton it was mild and assuming pretty dry…even though they were expecting some wet snow during the week. I'm the moron in this situation... and didn’t pack appropriate shoes. Wearing my cute Celine slip ons during the first day of work, I was so grumpy because of how slushy it was outside, and how dirty my shoes were getting. Long story short, I couldn’t bare thinking my shoes would get ruined so I bought some chelsea styled rain boots. My old rain boots (which I was obsessed with, they were by Juicy Couture) managed to get a hole and I just never replaced them, this is definitely something I should have invested in a while ago.

Next stop Vancouver - but I will just lay low and enjoy my time back home!