Ohhhh my god - from my last outfit post it seemed like Spring was well on it's way, but like I said it was all just a huge tease. I literally froze to death taking these photos outside, my fingers were so sore, and inevitably I wasn't fully dressed for this damn weather. I mean, just look at my shoes...no socks. This cold weather wasn't just a little cold, it was one of our coldest days after the fake spring came around, I'm talking like -35ºC. Fucking Antartica in Ottawa. 
Lets talk about my camo Rolling Stones jacket, how cool is it right? Well you may be as surprised as my dad was when I told him I found this sweet thing at Forever 21. I was shocked upon seeing it in the store... my dads assumption was me adding some patches to the jacket but you should have seen the look on his face when he was questioning why the hell or how it was from Forever 21. Regardless, pretty cool that they've been doing these collections!
The next awesome piece is my camel coat, it was an amazing find at Goodwill for about $13.00. It has been seen in other look books on my blog but I just had to give it another shoutout. I was over the moon when I found it... I remember questioning buying it (I know very dumb of me), especially because it was exactly what I had been looking for and it fits perfectly!
HA! I'm pretty sure you can see the redness of my picky in the photo below. I literally thought it was going to fall off!
Camel Coat - Goodwill, Rolling Stones Camo Jacket - Forever 21,
White Tee - Zara, Ripped Jeans - Winners,
Leather Slip Ons - Celine, Sunglasses - Quay,
Gold Watch - Cluse, Black Leather Bag - Givenchy,
Fur Bunny Accessory - Found on miscellaneous website 

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