This was our brief tease into spring... and when I mean brief I mean it was less than short and sweet. Every damn year we get a faux spring, I hope for the best, hell all of Ottawa hopes for the fucking gates of Winter hell to officially be closed... yet low and behold a week or so in and we land jaw dropping negative numbers all over again. It's like we restart this awful season - news flash, it's not funny! 

You will understand even more what I mean about the drastic change in weather from this outfit post to my next one. So just saying, stay tuned! 
So there's actually a few things in this outfit that I have been obsessed with, let me explain. 
The Metallica band t-shirt has been all the rage in my closet, I literally can't stop wearing it! I wash it, wear it, wash it wear it [repeat X a million!!!]. A little while ago my scene heart came into play where I dug up all my old band t-shirt from way back when, I'm talking MCR, Atreyu, Billy Talent, Boys Like Girls, As a Lay Dying and the bands go on and on... I wore my MCR shirt in an Insta post actually and the others as well just here and there. I have always been such a fan of band t-shirt, I think I have other posts flaunting my Ramones, Kiss, Misfits shirts here and there - I think it's safe to say most people adore their band t-shirt, as in they could literally sleep in it and wear it out with ease. 
Anyways, I am totally getting off topic, I bought this Metallica t-shirt in the men's department at H&M... I did shorten it as it was far too long even being an xs. They also have some other pretty amazing band things going on that I will need to get my hands on! 

Secondly, I am living for these jeans! I had been looking everywhere for a pair just like this; high waisted, semi fit, frayed/distressed... they've got it all! This was another find at H&M, where I also found a second pair that were just as amazing; darker wash and less distressed. 
Black Cap - Wilfrid Free, Bomber Jacket - Forever 21 Plus Size,
Metallica Band Tee + Semi Fit Jeans - H&M,
Fishnets - Ardene, Sunglasses - Celine, Velvet Green Boots - Penelope Chilvers 

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