A little bit ago I spent a week in Kitchener, On - I didn't know what to expect as not many had given me the best impression of this small town, I was simply in the know that I would be there for work, a coworker of mine recommended the hotel and that was that. Upon my arrival to The Walper Hotel I was mesmerized, shortly into my stay I ended up really loving the downtown, I found that it had some amazing restaurants and boutiques! Apart from a full work week, I loved what I experienced and am really wanting to go back and take in all Kitchener has to offer.

The Walper Hotel, the building and land it stands upon has a great deal of history.

  • The location of where The Walper Hotel was built on was actually where the first commercial building in Kitchener once stood
  • In 1820 the Varnum Inn and blacksmith shop was constructed by Phineas Varnum
  • The first real hotel in that space was established by Frederick Gaukel in 1835 - the space had turned into various hotels and name changes (Sand Hills, Berlin etc during First World War) 
  • The later hotel, known as Great Western Hotel burned down in 1892
  • One year after the accident Abel Walper invested $75,000 to build the well known structure that labels his name 
  • Through out the years, The Walper Hotel has hosted many important figures such as Canada's Prime Ministers, the Queen mother, Pierre Burton, and Eleanor Roosevelt
  • The Walper was a very loved hot spot, had great ratings in food and services 
  • Unfortunately with it's large success the hotel did face some darker days; it began to fade, not live up to it's once reputable title, had eventually been thrown into illegal battles, bomb threat with a extortion demand of $20,000, and more difficulties kept coming after the daughter of Joseph Zuber had sold it in 1975
  • Besides the attempt of a facelift in the 1980's it wasn't until a group of investors purchased the Walper from Michael von Teichman. They had a vision to make the hotel grand again and fully restoring it to become a place of prominence in Kitchener/Waterloo
  • With a $10 million budget and goal to open it's doors once again May 2016 we are now introduced to the ever so beautiful Walper Hotel in Kitchener, Ontario 
If you are interested in learning more about this amazing history and lavish building follow the link: Grand Magazine

Like I mentioned I did get to enjoy a full week in this glamorous hotel, it honestly felt so cozy. Feeling right at home is something I really rely on since I am typically on the road in new hotels, new cities every week - when hotels feel like every old same cookie cutter style it doesn't give me the same sense of connection and comfort. I would really love to return to the Walper and get the chance to enjoy it from a different perspective, but also get the opportunity to take more photos of the vast diverse rooms they have to offer! 
Check out the amazing bathroom lighting!!! #shamelessselfie
Two Piece PJ Set + Valentine's Robe - Victoria Secret 
These photos were taken on the second floor, which is a very lovely, well decorated mid century space. It is used primarily as a cocktail bar/lounge area, with limited hours which kind of makes it prestigious... the atmosphere is great, my coworker Andrea and I worked late during our stay and the lounge was so calm and inviting. 
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Ripped Jeans - One Teaspoon, Patent Leather Boots - Zara
Leather Backpack - Elizabeth & James
 How amazing is this honeycomb tiling?! 
I freaked out when I got into the bathroom for the first time
 Gold Choker - Aldo Accessories
Floral Dress & Suede Boots - Zara 
This was taken in the hotel entrance/lobby (how cool is this right?!), I seriously was in awe the whole time... all I can say is I am very happy Andrea had previously stayed here and made the arrangements for us to be back together. Also every single staff member at this hotel was nothing but welcoming and kind! 
Each floor had a similar set up with the chairs and table, but they all had a different wallpaper. It was funny, one night after work I was exhausted, I was staying on the 5th floor but the elevator kept opening up on the 4th floor... I didn't really know why but I just remember looking out and thinking "Woah the wall, the chairs and table are so much further than the one on the firth floor!". I thought I was crazy and maybe just felt the distance from my tiredness or I was just looking at it differently. HA low and behold I had to check it out again and I was right there was indeed a drastic difference in distance from the elevator to the wall. Just a fun fact and some thoughts in Aurelia's head - you're welcome. 
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Leather Backpack - Elizabeth & James

Thanks again for the fantastic stay at the Walper Hotel!

*All photos taken by Andrea Levans