I swear I can feel it in my bones; mostly because the day these were taken as absolutely freezing, and apparently today is meant to be quite warm. Who knows, since I haven't yet left the house. 

Happy Sunday everyone, I totally just called H&R Block about 10 times yelling "why the fuck aren't you picking up, I just need to book an appointment"... only to realize after all this the hours of operation for SUNDAY are from 12pm, I thought it was Saturday AKA 9am only to realize I was in the wrong not them. Whoops! 

Sunday's are generally another packing day for me, I haven't yet done a thing and I really need to get my ass in gear especially if I want to have some kind of a social life this evening. So I will be taking out my good ol' note pad, and digging into my closet. If you haven't checked out a few of my packing tips, nows your chance people follow the link: Edmonton Packing. I'm also trying to think of other packing things I can post about - if anyone has suggestions do let me know!

For now I leave you with a pretty simple outfit, but a combination we will be seeing quite a bit of if you haven't seen it already!
Long Black Coat Blazer + Structured Bag - Zara
Black High neck Top - Topshop, Cropped Denim Culottes - Achro,
Embroidered Boots - Dolce Vita, Fishnet Stockings - Ardene,
Tortoiseshell Sunglasses - Miu Miu, Black Leather Belt - Urban Outfitters
'Grape' Pompom Charm - Winners, Kylie Jenner Emoji Case - Custom Made 
Photos by Alex Noreau 
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