Well, I have been getting various responses, and questions about my Natives. A few readers seem confused as to why I have so many, why I choose Native, how to wear them. On the other hand people are loving my outfits with Native shoes as well as how I make them look "so cool" (thank you by the way). Really the questions go on and on!

I've decided to take the time to answer a few of those questions and also to take a few styled photos of how I dress my Natives, and realistically how you could also incorporate these modern shoes into your style/closet. If you follow me on Instagram (Aurelcee), you've probably seen quite a few of my morning outfits incorporating Native's.

Firstly I love receiving emails and feedback from you, so thank you to everyone who reached out!
Throughout my post I will have some Q&A's, which will shake things up a little from what I have to say, versus what some people have asked.

Q: I find Natives make my outfits look so casual. I like how you make them look, but I don't know how to dress them. 
A: I know this wasn't really a question but if one person is thinking this, chances are others might too. Yes, I agree Native is a casual shoe, but so are Stan Smiths, Converse, Vans etc. We have such an advantage in 2017 that yes there are trends and styles but you can kind of rock whatever you want. Trainers don't only need to be casual or athletic they can be worn with trousers and dresses - it's honestly all about how you style it and work it! I love trousers and sneakers I think it's such a good vibe. So bottom line is, yes they are theoretically casual but they don't have to stay that way! They can tone down, change up, spice up any outfit. 
By Monaco I mean the shoe, not the place... although I would really love to go. Hey Air Canada you reading this? Bring me to Monaco. Probably one of the easiest shoes to dress up if you're just wanting a plain, sleek sneaker. I have some Stan Smiths that I love but the Monaco has definitely replaced it as of late. The fabric which is microfibre is super easy to wash; I use water, a cloth, some baking soda and voila back to sparkly clean. The shoe is breathable from the perforations found through the entire shoe, I like the concept as it ties into their classic staple the Jefferson. But I do think having the insole of the shoe being removable for easy wash in my opinion is a perk especially for those who like being sockless. I also don't feel like the Monaco gets enough love from day to day consumers though (psst Hilary Duff is wearing it, just saying), so I think you need to go out and buy this shoe. 
 Tropical Button up - And Other Stories
Pink Trousers - Zara, Retro Vibe Sunnies - Celine,
Monaco Sneakers - Native 
 Mustard Handbag - Matt & Nat, Watch - Cluse,
Large Gold Bangle - MADE, Assorted Bracelets - Alex and Ani
 Okay...I obviously really like these trousers haha I didn't even realize these were worn twice... WITH Monaco's may I add!
 This is one of my new favourite tops by the way! It's by Lazy Oaf (which I am obsessed with), I really like the vintage vibe from it and all the different ways I can style it. I'm looking forward to incorporating it into another outfit post.
 Bowling Shirt Button up - Lazy Oaf
Pink Trousers - Zara, Sunnies - Celine
Monaco Sneakers - Native 
 Tattoo artists on my arm:
Traditional Girl - Nick Oaks
"Hate You" Hearts - Hurricane
Skull with Crown - Jon Aubry
Gap Tooth Lips - Shamus
Q: Do you wear the same size you normally wear in Native shoes?
A: I'm a true 7 1/2 and with Natives I'm a true 8. This may vary slightly on your own foot, style of shoe and also personal preference. 
AP Moc XL 
Aesthetically these are my favourites so far!!! Yes, it deserves three exclamation points. No really, these are so fucking rad - the Milk Pink color is to die for, and the triangle perforation is too damn cool, the laces are also awesome as they don't untie so the shoe actually becomes a slip on. I have worn these trainers with so many damn outfits... this also may be because its one of the only shoes I leave by my front door. Thats besides the point, I really love the look and comfort of the shoe. Still has all those advantages of breathability, easy to maintain clean, and removable insole. Yes, it is another sneaker but I can't say I have ever owned anything like it!
 One of my favourite things is suiting, and two piece sets. I live for them! Whenever I see one it's hard to not cave. This one's got a 70's vibe, but its really the colors and pattern that meshes it all together! I was totally in the mood to blow bubbles that day, but the wind kept changing directions on me, not to mention I forgot how soapy they really are.

Also I am clearly loving these sunglasses, I've had them for a while but didn't start wearing them this often until pretty recently. They may now almost be a tie with my Gucci's... almost.
 Two Piece Ensemble - Zara
Sunglasses - Celine, Watch - Cluse,
Bracelets - Alex and Ani,
AP Moc XL - Native 
Q: What are your thoughts on the Jefferson's? I kind of want a pair.
A: I wish I could tell you!! I don't yet own any Jefferson's actually (funny enough), but I have been searching for my size in the white/white Jefferson's. I do however have the Verona which is also the EVA style and material, I really like them. I don't particularly wear them as an everyday shoe (I have from time to time) but they are my to go for the beach, and doing stuff around my garden. The cool thing is how easy they are to wash so I could also wear them in the house after a good clean! I say get the Jefferson's!
Apollo Moc
These are the OG's of the Apollo category, same sort of style as the shoes above (obvi) but only have front perforations. I don't wear these are much, mostly because my pink ones always end up winning. These pretty much have the same features as the AP Moc XL. I do find the Pigeon Grey to be very flattering, but damn the Black Apollos are hella nice! 
 *Pineapple Button up - H&M, Denim Skirt - Rolla's,
Suede Tassel Purse - Zara, Sunnies - Celine,
Apollos - Native 

*The shirt was actually a men's button up, which I bought, cut up and adjusted myself! Anything for more pineapples in my life. 
Charm Bracelets - Alex and Ani
Watch - Cluse, Gold Bangle - MADE

The little red bead one is my newest Alex and Ani, and I love how dainty it is! I definitely need more of those little separation pieces.
 Mercury Liteknit
These are so so so so comfy!! They are a full knit shoe, fitting snug so almost like one of those sock sneakers. The cool thing about these is once they are tied up they also slip on and off easily I've only had to re-tie the laces ones or twice. I know a lot of my friends would love something like this! I do find them to still be breathable, they are not a microfibre so once I wash them I will spill my secrets with you all. Again, I am a true 7 1/2 but in Natives an 8 and with these being that they are meant to really fit your foot properly I do recommend at least comparing the half size above what you normally wear. I actually didn't really have any blue sneakers in my collection so this was the perfect add on. I wore early morning over the weekend running to the supermarket in mom jeans, a Nasa sweatshirt, and these bad boys. These are the newest to my Native collection, I'm excited to build more outfits with them!
 Denim Overalls - Billabong, Gingham + Floral Button up - Topshop,
Le Pliable Bag - Longchamp, Bag Charm - Unknown, Sunglasses - Celine,
Mercury Likeknit - Native 
My nails for the next few weeks! 
Big thanks to Myth at Classy Claws - check her out
Okay but how nice is this blue?! And the knit, ahhh I just love how subtlety branded it is, they are just so sleek looking.

Q: Any idea where I can find Natives? I can't really find the one's I want online.
A: The best way to do it check out the independent shops that carry Native in your town or city. Native does also have a "Retailers" section to find who is selling them near you. 

Q: Are all Native shoes water proof? 
A: Yes and no. All EVA shoes are water resistant and really great for camping, garden work, the beach etc. All the shoes that fall under the soft category aren't waterproof. I would say they are resistant in the sense that you wash them and they will dry nicely but don't expect to submerge in water without your shoe feeling soaking wet. Just get a pair of the EVA ones (Jefferson, Miles etc) then you can go crazy in water!
Say hello to
I don't event know where to start with these badboys - they are mega rad. I don't know what everyones thoughts on these nor do I feel they get the love they truly deserve. The Palmer is very comfortable, like walking on clouds, cushions, marshmallows, little pockets of joy. Really I'm not just over hyping, the comfort is real, it threw me off guard when I wore them the first time. I also like that they are fully adjustable so my foot holds well in there. Hmmm again this shoe is theoretically pretty casual but I mean they are slides and they are quite lounge ish looking. However I am wearing them with cute little white flowy pants below. You should try these, they won't disappoint.  
 I hadn't ever worn this outfit, and I must say I really like the combo. Obviously I am pulling my Metallica tee back out that thing is pure gold! 
 White Pants + Pink Neck Scarf - Zara,
Band Tee - H&M, Sunnies - Ray-Ban,
Palmer Sandals - Native 
Q: Are you a vegetarian/vegan? Is this why you prefer Native? 
A: Good question! Native is fully beast free which is pretty cool, but I am neither vegetarian or vegan. I don't prefer Native for these specifics but I do think it's a fantastic option in the market for those who do seek these kinds of qualities. 

That's a wrap my friends! 
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Photos taken by Nessa