Photo by Scott McFadyen
Hi, I'm Aurelia.
Growing up I was surrounded by fashion, my interests vary from extreme to the other. My mum, a little Parisian woman taught me sophistication, luxury and designer names. On the other hand, my dad a bigger guy, into hot rods and pinup girls showed me the tricks to art, vintage, and teaching me to always be myself. Being Italian also gave me a foot forward and getting lessons from my Nonna’s kitchen & sewing room by the age of four. I have had opportunities to express myself through my hobbies and passion. I am now a Fashion Merchandising/Marketing Graduate, and a background in photography which helps me in the fashion industry.  

I’m very impulsive, and enjoy the fast track life. Now that I have completed school, I am working to move forward into my fashion career. I am also aspiring to open my own pastry shop in the future, in my eyes fashion and food go hand in hand. I hope for more opportunities to travel and learn about cultures surrounding us. 

Originally from Ottawa, at a young age I began to find inspiration in my travels, and have lived in Montreal and Vancouver. I am now back in my hometown exploring the city in a new light.

Photo by Chris Weber