Work with me!


Wardrobe Styling:

Photo shoot/Film Shoots
Hourly rate + restocking %

Full day rate + restocking %

*Test shoot rates available upon request
Restock percentage varies from store to store

Clean up!


·Empty closet- fully reorganize closet space 
·Sort through clothing (all extra clothing will be donated)

·Session on clothing combinations, and future ad ons 

Personal Shopping

Package 1 

Ideal for special occasions & events
·Meet & discuss some styles and ideas 
·Shop for the perfect outfit

*All rates available upon request- email at

*2 hours minimum for all services 

Clothing Swap Nights

We’ve all got that “just in case” pile in our closets, why not swap it for new treasures!

A stylist will come help you pick the best garments you have laying around your household that just aren’t doing it for you anymore. Myself and other stylists will be arranging a Clothing Swap Nights- shopping without the price tags.

This is a fun filled evening with good wine, food, and music! Bring in your preselected items and let the evening begin!

Maximum of 20 items per participant.
$10 admission fee

Send an email with your name, as well as brief message with title “Clothing Swap” and I’ll keep you posted regarding our next event!