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Hi friends! I'm back - been super busy having fun with work, friends, and being back in Vancouver. As many of you know I did move back to Vancouver... as I have mentioned in some of my last posts and Instagram. I've stayed pretty active on Insta but just gave myself a rest on writing long stories on my blog. I felt like I needed to get re-energized, settled in and simmer up some creativity in my new/old city! And oh man, have I ever felt stimulated.

The last few months have been pretty chill, as you guys followed along my Insta stories I have been fortunate to find some incredible people that are part of my everyday life; Delilah, Walker, Stacie, Graham & I have become quite a wonderful little family. It's also pretty amazing since we're all creative and have similar interests. Thanks for being so badass guys! 

So when I got back into the city I discovered this cool Instagram feed, which ended up being a local bath bomb company. I reached out to collaborate, Cynthia (the owner) was beyond excited and super fucking rad to meet may I add. 


I had a chance of trying the four scents that Bare Skin Bar offers; Rose Clay, Oatmeal, Sea Salt + Spirulina. They don't do the crazy color explosion that I seem to see on everyones news feed but they do still fizzle, release beautiful aromas and change your bath color. They also leave your skin feeling silky smooth and supple! The company is amazeballs:

  • All ingredients are from Canadian suppliers
  • Bath bombs are handmade in Railtown Studios 
  • Formulas range from 97-99% naturally-derived ingredients
  • Portion of proceeds go to sea legacy, a BC-based nonprofit which is dedicated to ocean preservation

I personally do not like lush or any bath bombs typically; I also get yeast infections very easily from most bath products. I can vouch for Bare Skin Bar as I didn't get any kind of reactions. My vagina and I thank you for that! 

Stacie & I did a photoshoot for the collaboration, I'm over the moon with the results!
Photographed by Stacie Carr Photo

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